Monday, November 12, 2012

thankful season.

Most years in our house Thanksgiving has been completely overlooked. I have even been known to put up our Christmas tree before Halloween. For whatever I wanted this year to be different.

I think sending out Thanksgiving cards this year, instead of Christmas really put me in the thankful spirit. It started our month off on the right foot. I may have found something I really want to make a permanent tradition.

We sat down with our Thanksgiving cards, and on every envelope put a thankful note on it. It was funny to hear Devin tell us what he was thankful for...movies, Batman, Bina Sell, and his Daddy. :) Savannah said things like teachers, friends, toys, and family. Paul added he was thankful for his TV, and I put a bunch of random stuff like my cell phone. We even decided to add a few for Sabrina, because we all know she loves milk, diapers, and bath time. After we had randomly put all these thankful notes on the envelopes, I loved seeing who was going to get each one. Some of the thankful notes matched perfectly with the person getting it.
The other thing I really wanted to do this year was make a big thankful tree with the leaves having all the things we were thankful for on them. Even though I really wanted to do it, the month was already slipping away. I was excited when I found some cute little pre-made trees and leaves at Target...done and done. We came right home and assembled them, and have them on display. We talked more about how lucky we are, and how many things that we really can be thankful for...Daddy having a good job, Mommy getting to stay home, our house, cars, clothes, church, and on and on.
Most years we have gone to a restaurant to eat Thankgiving dinner, but this year I am proud to say that I have already purchased my turkey. I am totally doing this Thankgiving right...and cooking.

I am glad that I decided to celebrate this Thankgiving properly, and am excited to have this become something we do every year. I guess the tree will be going up the day after Thankgiving from now on.


Emily said...

LOVE the idea of your Thanksgiving cards. Seriously so awesome. And I'm doing Thanksgiving dinner too--haven't done it for years. Maybe we can be each other's support group. ;)

Cathy said...

I might be stealing your Thanksgiving card idea next year. I have a goal to never cook Thanksgiving dinner at my house. I know the stress would send me to the looney bin.

Nicole said...

We loved your Thanksgiving card! Thank you. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it focuses on family, friends, and gratitude with none of the stress that buying gifts brings me.

jakell said...

love these trees! was wanting something similar for activity days..too bad I didn't see this sooner. Super cute!