Thursday, November 8, 2012

savannah gets baptized.

I was joking with Savannah the Saturday night after she was baptized, I wondered what she was going to remember most about her big day...

My suggestions...

Was it being baptized twice, because you didn't want your feet under the water the first time?

Was it Devin saying Amen repeatedly during your confirmation?

Was it Bina farting super loud during testimonies?

Was it the car accident we got in afterwards?

Or when they asked Mommy to say a few words, and I totally lost it?
It was an eventful day, and one that I hope she has a lot of really good memories from. We tried to make it extra special, and Paul and I both said what an awesome experience this was for all of us.
Her and I had a special scripture study session the night before, and we opened up some gifts from all of us. I know Savannah felt so loved, and that is all that matters.
I was thankful for a friend that was there to take care of the babies so that I could go see Savannah come out of the water, and help her get changed. She was teary, and happy.

There is something really awesome about watching your husband baptize your child. It definitely gave me warm fuzzies.

I kept telling Paul I just couldn't believe that our child is old enough, it left me feeling a little old.
That Saturday night I took her to the gas station for treats, and she was so excited to announce to everyone that she had been baptized! I wish that I wasn't so shy about talking about my religion, I have much to learn from my girl. I am seeing her little person changing right before my eyes, and I can see such a bright future for her. I am definitely proud of her, and the example she is to all of us. So glad that we have her in our little family.

PS Her answer to what she was always going to remember about her baptism day was when I was crying and bearing my testimony. Aaah, love that girl.


Emily said...

Sweetest memory ever. What a special day for all of you. We can learn so much from our kids.

P.S. Please don't say you feel old... it makes me feel like I'm over the hill. ;)

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

I will be having this experience in a couple months so it was sweet to read how it went for you. I think I am more anxious and nervous than Andy is so I'm certain I will lose it with big elephant tears. I can't believe our kids are growing up so fast!

Melissa Louise said...

Ok, I don't even know Savannah and this made me cry. Happy for you :)

Cathy said...

One of the few things I remember about my baptism is my mom crying too. Congratulations to your sweet girl.

Vanessa said...

Aww good good post

Cal said...

Love love love this post.

Jerilee E. said...

aw- she's so beautiful!!