Thursday, November 15, 2012

pinypon party + review

When I got the box to host this party, I had never heard of Pinypon. Clearly Savannah watches enough TV, because she was on the up and up with all of the different products Pinypon has. I guess that is all that matters that my kid thinks Pinypon is cool.
We got a bunch of different Pinypon figurines, a couple of caravans {one to keep, one to raffle}, and a couple of Nenuco baby dolls {one to keep, one to raffle}.
The party pack came with a bunch of fun ideas for our party, and made it super fun. We decided to make a tea party theme. It was fun to pull out the tea set to make it extra fancy. We made hot apple cider, and had cheese and crackers...of course! The highlight of the party was definitely mixing up all the parts of the figurines and we had a fashion show, complete with a runway.
The things that we loved about Pinypon...

It was nice that they have boy figurines, because Devin and his little friends could be included...and can't be made fun of for playing with girl toys. :)
It is another toy that my kids use their imaginations, and can play together with the same toy.

They loved that you are suppose to add real water to the pool on the caravan, and that the hose actually sprays the water too.
I am a big fan of the figurines.

The things that I didn't love so much...

After not much use, the stickers are already coming off. When you encourage water to be used with a toy, and it isn't all water is bound to ruin the toy.
Although they are priced reasonable, I would prefer to pay a little more and have something last a little longer. I tripped over the caravan, and it broke. :( 
Overall I can definitely see more fashion shows in our future. :) I think the party was a success, and we had lots of smiles.
Disclosure: Thank you MommyParties and Pinypon for letting us host this fun party. Our raffle winners were happy too! All opinions are honest.


Arianne said...

Cute ive never seen these.

Nicole said...

Never seen these before. But, I bought Andrew dive sticks that had stickers on them (didn't realize when I bought them that they were stickers not painted on designs). So, I totally agree with your thoughts on stickers and water not mixing.

jakell said...

we didn't try the water out til later..and Agree they need to coat the stickers with a plastic or something. Bummer it broke too. My girls thought they were super cool.
I actually hid the second one for HadiLee's Birthday next week. She loved the van and was bummed we were giving it away, but was a great sport and thrilled her friend one. `It was `a fun party! Loved your pictures and runway :)

jakell said...