Friday, November 9, 2012

halloween 2012

I forgot to post about Halloween...hello, we have to talk about one of our favorite holidays of the year.

I kept thinking about how Halloween 2011 we had just found out that we were going to be adding another baby, and this year I was pushing a double stroller around trick or treating...crazy stuff.

Savannah isn't able to dress up for Halloween at school, but between her Girl Scout Halloween party, and Halloween night...I think she wasn't disappointed.

For Savannah's Girl Scout Halloween party she decided to use her witch costume from last year. Last minute she tells me that she wants her face painted. I google easy ideas for witch face painting...uh, I shouldn't try making a living from face painting. Good thing she was meant to look scary, because my painting was that indeed. Since Devin wants to do everything his older sister does, we painted his face too. AND we did purple hair for both. :)
For Halloween we already talked about what Savannah was, and I thought she was a beautiful blonde Snow White. I did give myself a little pat on the back that I pulled off that hair do for her...without even trying.
We found a super cheap bird costume for Devin, and he was totally content to flap his wings from door to door collecting candy. We told him he was from the movie Rio, and he totally bought the idea. I am sure next year he will care what he dresses up as.
Bina had this adorable little costume to wear, but she threw up one too many times on it. :( So, I tied some ribbons on Devin's old dragon costume to make it look girly, and we went on our trick or treating way. She fell asleep quickly, and that dragon costume was plenty warm for her to be comfy in.
It is funny to have a 2 year old that is just starting to get the excitement of Halloween, and an 8 year old that is on the down slide. We came home, combined all the candy, and have had one too many candy bars.
I am writing it down now, I will dress up next year. I may even get really crazy and do a family theme of costumes. I always love seeing when the parents are dressed up trick or treating with their kids.


kendahl said...

I love seeing families all dressed up in a theme together! It's so cute.

P.S. I got your mail. Thank you! The picture is adorable and it made me smile to see it. :)

Cathy said...

I love her Snow White hair. You're so creative.

Emily said...

I shall hire you as our face painter next year. Good thing all I had to do was whiskers!