Thursday, November 1, 2012

glow sticks

We finally tried the glow sticks in the bathtub. It has been all over the internet for awhile, and when you find a package of 15 glow sticks in the $1 bin at Target...why not try it.
Since Devin can already spend a ridiculous amount of time in the bathtub, this just added to that. He could live in the tub if I let him.
Totally easy, no effort.
He loved it.
Savannah came home from school, and was jealous that she didn't get to do it. I best pick up a bunch more next time I see them for cheap.


Emily said...

Okay, we need to try this. I think I have a package of those lying around somewhere. I always pick them up when at Target. :)

kendahl said...

I'll have to hit the dollar section up sometime soon! My kid doesn't take baths but she is crushing on glow sticks lately. $1 for 15 is awesome.

Emily Christine said...

Looks fun! Ling Ling would go crazy!