Thursday, November 1, 2012

a rant.

Back on the 9th of October, I saw a post on Facebook about Little Adventures needing/wanting a 7 year old model for an upcoming photo shoot. After talking to Savannah first, she wanted to do it. I have never had a desire for her to model, but like I have said before she is in to trying new things.

You just had to email a picture with sizes to Erin at Little Adventures, and they would get back to you.

Easy enough, right?

The next day I get an email from Erin saying that they would like to use Savannah, and they would be in touch for the modeling shoot for the next week. She was so excited. Her "pay" for modeling for them was a free dress up, and we had decided it would be perfect with Halloween right around the corner.

I started chatting on Facebook about it, and one of my friends ended up emailing a picture of her daughter as well. We even discussed we may even see each other at the shoot.

Well, the next week came, and they rescheduled it for the following week. We were still excited...even if we had to wait another week.

Finally the 25th came, and Savannah had slept in braids the night before to have awesome hair. She was excited to be checked out of school early for the big event...and went to school feeling on top of the world.

I got an email shortly after I dropped her off stating that Erin had bad news, that because of the weather they had to postpone the photo shoot. She did offer to send Savannah a dress, because they felt bad for postponing it again. Boy howdy, I was dreading the call to the school to tell Savannah...although I was totally going to be able to smooth it over with the free dress.

I told Savannah, she took it pretty well...and then I emailed Erin back to tell her what Savannah's favorite dress was. She got back to me the next morning, and told me that she would get it sent out that day {Friday}.

Phew, we were still going to have it for Halloween.

Well, that night I log in to Facebook to see that my friend had uploaded some photos of their photo shoot with Little Adventures. Mmm, I wonder when they went, but I had a strong suspicion that Erin had only canceled on us. AND I was right, my friend had taken her little girl the day that they told us the weather was too bad.

Of course, my heart broke a little. Why were they not honest? Why didn't they just tell me in the beginning if they didn't think Savannah was cute enough? Why did I even do this, I should have known better?!

I didn't tell Savannah, still haven't. She would be crushed. I just told her she didn't even have to do anything to get a free dress, they liked her so much they were going to send her a dress anyway!

This company is about an hour from my, I thought the latest we would have the dress by mail would be Tuesday. Well, Tuesday it didn't come, so it had to come on Wednesday for Halloween. Nope! Didn't come. Savannah was so sad, and I hoped that her Halloween wasn't going to be ruined.

We pulled a costume together, even if it wasn't what she really wanted to be...Her Daddy went and bought her some special Halloween hairspray, and we trick or treated until our feet hurt.
{not a dress up from Little Adventures, ha!}
I am glad that I have had some really awesome experiences with good company's lately, because this left a very bitter taste in my mouth.

End rant.

PS I just checked the mail, still didn't come. Gosh, so disappointing.


Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

SHAME on Little Adventures! That is just terrible and such a load of crap of what they did! Savannah is a doll so all I can say is it is their loss for missing out on the prettiest girl in the whole wide world!

Kim Orlandini said...

I am SO angry and upset about this right now! Who does this? Very unprofessional and ridiculous! Van is a precious and gorgeous little girl...Little Adventures are just biotches.

Living the Scream said...

That would make me so mad! So unprofessional and rude.

Emily said...

Okay, where are my plastic forks, toilet paper and Oreo cookies? And what are your plans Friday night?

AubreyMo said...

I don't have kids and it even made ME upset...that's no way for a company to treat someone. Especially a community advocate/celeb like yourself...and a poor adorable, absolutely gorgeous and perfect little girl gets caught up in it. They should be put out of business.

mrs. r said...

You should email them and tell them about your concerns. Maybe there is an explanation?

I know one of the owners and she is actually really cool. Bring it up! What could it hurt?

Hugs to you both. Hurt feelings are no fun.

Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I'm not trying to make an excuse for them, because that kind of dishonesty is inexcusable, however, I am sure that they overbooked or some other lame reason that they were too stupid to just tell you the truth about and I'm positive that it isn't because Savannah isn't cute enough, because she is a pure doll, inside and out! It is their loss.

kendahl said...

First off, Van is more than cute enough. Second, that is so incredibly rude of the company! Third, she really rocked that Cinderella costume. She looks darling!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Darn that's so disappointing! I hope you get some clarification!

Nicole said...

This is making me sick. There has to be another explanation. Please keep us updated on what happens next.

moosh in indy. said...

I've seen some major PR fails, but never at the expense of a little kid.


Vanessa Brown said...

Don't they realize EVERYTHING is online now. If you flake on a friend to hang out with another friend, if you have a party, etc etc people see when they are left out or lied to. Even if that wasn't the case it is still tacky. They should have just said, "Turns out we don't need her or we already have enough kids and sorry about that! We will still send her a dress!" So so tacky.

Krystal said...

I don't know the company, but I am completely disgusted! I use blogs like yours when shopping for gifts for my nieces and nephews... I can assure you I will not be shopping with little adventures!

Little Adventures said...

I'm saddened by how quickly people can judge situations and spread this judgement through social networking without considering the unrepairable damage that can quickly be done. As one of the owners of Little Adventures may I please take this opportunity to share our side of the story. We are right in the midst of doing a catalog for the new year. This is a huge undertaking involving several photo shoots each week for a couple months and with these photo shoots comes the challenging task of coordinating dozens of models. During this particular week that Savannah was invited to participate we had several sessions scheduled. When organizing each photo shoot a model is carefully chosen and assigned a specific dress and scene based on their size and personality. Savannah was specifically chosen to be one of the models for a brand new line we are launching that is geared to older girls ranging from 6-9 years. The scene we had chosen for her was an outdoor shoot to take place on the brick wall at the end of the photo studio. I am not sure who her friend was so I cannot specify what she was chosen to model but she must have been chosen for the indoor portion as that part was not cancelled. For those of you living in Utah you might remember a couple weeks ago when the weather was crazy. It would snow one minute and then the sun would come out the next. It made scheduling our photo sessions very challenging. As a result several sessions had to be cancelled. The particular line Savannah was chosen to model has not yet been rescheduled. We realize that these cute models look forward to and sometimes even count the minutes down to their turn. This is one of the great joys that come from doing photo shoots and personally seeing these girls smile is my favorite part of the catalog. Many companies outsource this task but we love giving the local girls an opportunity to come be a princess for an hour and get special attention as we do their hair, give them some simple make up and let them know how beautiful they are. In situations when things do not go as planned we try to make up for it by giving the girls free dress ups and then we try to reschedule them in the next available slot. We understand that this can be very frustrating but unfortunately out of our control. I have looked into what happened with Savannah's dress we shipped her. We received notification from her Mom on Friday Oct 26 of which dress Savannah wanted. Unfortunately our shipping department computers crashed on Friday and we were not able to process any shipping labels. Over the weekend all computer systems were recovered and her dress was shipped on Monday Oct 29. We apologize that we were not aware she was hoping to get this by Halloween but we feel we shipped it in a timely manner under the circumstances. I have tracked this package and it was delivered on November 1 the same day this post was published. Just 2 days later we are receiving emails from Moms threatening to spread this to thousands of people through social networking with the purpose to cause damage to our company name. As soon as we were made aware of the situation Erin sent an email to Savannahs mom explaining what happened and sending our most sincere apologies. Unfortunately our story was not shared here. We hope that our message will be read and people will understand our side of the story and will know that at Little Adventures we take great pride in having high values and would never want anyone to be hurt. As owners of the company we are very sad that Savannah and her mom had their feelings hurt. We will contact them directly and do everything we can to make things right.

Jones - Keeping Up With M.O.M. said...

Wow. I didn't realize what exactly had happened, Evonne. I feel bad because we only were able to find out about and do the photo shoot because of you. I really hope Savannah got rescheduled and/or got her dress. Sorry she didn't have it in time, I hope she enjoyed her Halloween anyway. Looks like she did. What a cute lil blonde Snow White:) Good to see Little Adventures responding to your post. I hope it all gets/got worked out! <3 (If it makes you feel better, we did do an inside shoot of only one particular style of costume and it was super windy and chilly that day by that studio. I remember cuz it pissed me off that I had to walk from the far end of the parking lot lol I'm lazy. So anyway that matches up with that part of their explanation.) LOVE YOU!