Friday, November 2, 2012

4 month milestone

I decided I can do a milestone post for Sabrina after her Dr appointments so I don't forget anything. Except as soon as I walked out of the Dr office, I had already forgotten how long she was. Uh, gimme a break, I am a little sleep deprived.
At 4 months Sabrina weighs almost 16 pounds which puts her in the 81st percentile. Her length is unknown...see above...but I did remember she is in the 98th percentile for length. I knew she was long, because I have already had to pull out the 9 month pajamas and pants. It is always to see her change and learn, sad because we won't be doing this ever again.

Okay, so all the little things about her...

Bina loves her tummy, which is just like all my babies have been. She tries to crawl already, and is never in the same spot you leave her.
She likes to hold toys, and sucks on everything. If you put anything near her mouth it is sure to get slobbered on.

Everyone is still madly in love with her...and she makes it easy because she is such a happy baby. She even has started to smile at Devin, even if he usually ends up making her cry. I can see them being little playmates when she is little older.
She loves to be able to see, and be in on the action. That means she likes to sit up, and be in our arms. You can be her best friend if you walk around the house with her all day.

We joke that Bina should have been born in a warmer state, because this little one hates being cold. The warmer she is, the happier. When you carry her to the car she can't even catch her breath, because she can't handle the cold.
She still hasn't figured out how to suck on her pacifier.

As we took a nature walk a few weeks ago, Paul said something about even though this has been one of our most challenging years, she was definitely meant to be in our family.

We love our Bina baby...and her big smile.


kendahl said...

She is so dang cute! And now officially weighs the same as my cat. :)

Nicole said...

So fun to see how happy she is! I'm with Bina, I think I was supposed to be born in Arizona. I'm already freezing and winter hasn't even begun.