Wednesday, October 24, 2012

wheeler farm

Over the weekend Paul came up with a brilliant idea to go and feed the ducks, and we just so happened to already have an old loaf of bread to feed them. Win, win.
We decided to go to Wheeler Farm, because we thought we could do the pumpkin patch they have...and mark another thing off of our Fall bucket list. After looking at it, we decided it wasn't worth it. It is $7 for kids and you get a tiny pumpkin, a wagon ride, and a little hay maze...oh, and adults have to go in with them, adults are $9.
Paul bribed the kids with toys from Target to not do the pumpkin patch, and everyone was happy.
Okay, so back to feeding the ducks...SO. much. FUN. It will definitely be something we remember to do again in the near future when we need something cheap to do with the kids. It was adorable to watch Devin jump up and down with excitement, and Savannah trying to make friends with the lonely duck in the corner. Totally showing their different personalities.
When the bread ran out way to fast, we went on a nature walk around the farm {crossing another thing off of the Fall bucket list instead}. They had lots of fun Halloween decor set up, and the kids loved to run and play.
We took a quick look at all the farm animals, and decided that baby animals are just so much cuter. Devin still has his obsession with chickens, and Savannah wants a bunny now.
I will be excited when Sabrina is a little older and can hang with the big kids. Right now she just wants to hang in her car seat, and fall in and out of sleep...which means she isn't in a lot of pictures. Sad.
The kids and I love when Daddy comes with us, and makes it that much more fun to do stuff. It always feels good after you do something as a family, and you come home with warm fuzzies with the love you feel for each other.


kendahl said...

If you ever get the urge to come down to Springville, I'll take you to our duck pond. The ducks live there all year round and are so accustomed to being fed that they will literally walk to you. It's awesome for kids. Plus, we have a local kangaroo. :)

Sr. Ann Marie Slavin said...

Sounds like a wonderfully enjoyable day--and what a lovely memory for your children to have!

Emily said...

We love Wheeler Farm! It is so much fun and feeding the ducks is the best part. :)