Monday, October 8, 2012

road trippin'

It has been since before having Bri that I have tagged along to Idaho to work and play. Which also means Devin has stayed home with me, and Savannah has been Daddy's helper.

Paul only had a few things to do this trip, so we made it a family affair...and Bri's first road trip.

I couldn't have asked the kids to be any better behaved in the car, and at the locations. Which is the only places I really care about.

After we worked very little, we started to play.

We stopped by our favorite Mexican restaurant Guadalajara's. We use to have vending in here, but don't anymore. It was a bittersweet stop in our road trip. The owner came up and gave Savannah the biggest hug, gave Devin a huge kiss, and fell madly in love with our surprise there. As we sat and ate the best all you can eat food ever, we talked about all the memories we have made here in Idaho. The people we work with have become part of our family, love our kids, and are excited to see us. We decided that even if we don't have vending as a reason to come visit, we will make it a priority to still come eat at Guadalajara's more often!

We made a quick trip to the mall in Twin Falls. Paul specifically told me that we were not buying the kids anymore clothes, and yet we walked out of that mall with 3 overstuffed bags! We have gotten a little carried away with all these adorable coordinating outfits for these babies of ours. Just you wait until you see some of the pictures. :) We justified it all by saying we have family pictures, Savannah's baptism, holidays...and the kids need to look sharp.

The kids played video games, while Paul and I sat on the floor of the arcade trying to rest up for our night.
We rushed to check in to the hotel, got Bina to sleep, and changed clothes to head to the swimming pool. I am proud that Savannah is getting so brave in the water. She jumps off the side, and is confident going under now. It took her a long time, but the improvements are huge. Devin is a lot more daring, and I was proud that he only went under once and needed to be rescued. I had to pull those two away from the pool so that we could eat, they could have stayed in the water all night.
With lots of jumping on beds, movies, treats, and fun...they crashed almost 2 hours past bedtime.
We woke up to the free hotel breakfast, another dip in the pool, a quick stop for gas, and we couldn't help going back for more Guadalajara's...and poof! our fun road trip was over.
So glad that Paul doesn't mind bringing us all along, even though it a lot more work for him. It isn't some tropical vacation, but it is nice to have a little getaway to recharge us all for the new week.


Jennifer Brown said...

Sounds like a great family vacation!

Emily Christine said...

Looks like you guys had fun! :) Love you guys!