Thursday, October 4, 2012

oh so helpful.

Yesterday I was crazy. One minute I was a screaming idiot, the next I was reading an article and bawling.

I had to go to parent teacher conferences with all three kids by myself. People, it got ugly. Good thing the teacher still had such awesome things to say about our little Van, what I heard through the screaming of my two babies...of course! I don't always appreciate how amazing Savannah is. She usually comes home from school to an already grumpy Mommy. When things are getting hairy, I take it out on her...because she actually listens. I never said I was perfect, but darn I try.
After telling Paul about my afternoon, he took me to dinner...and finished it up with dessert fondue. I know I looked frazzled, I don't hide my feelings very well.

He took the kids home, and sent me on my way by myself. Those minutes of picking up a Christmas present, and the quiet...were bliss. I came home already feeling refreshed. Amazing what little I need to be happy again.

I got everyone to bed, and then Paul sent me to bed. The clock read 8 something. You guys, I might just make this a habit, it was awesome.
I woke up this morning, and feel 10 pounds lighter.
My house is cleaner.
My kids are cuter, and better behaved.
My motivation, it's back.
The hallway that always has a laundry is clean {!!!!}.
I showered before 9:00.
My bed, it got made.

Thank you Paul for always helping me run this joint.
Love these kids of mine, I am just trying to still figure out the juggling act.

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kendahl said...

You're such a good mom Von, seriously. Take the breaks you need. And way to go Paul for being such a great husband and daddy!