Friday, October 26, 2012

love. {paul edition}

No better time to do a love post about Paul, because we are celebrating his 34th birthday this weekend.

I love that Paul is confident to go to Pitch Perfect by himself, and then take me two more times because we both love it. He also rocks out to the soundtrack in my car with me.

I love that Paul is the ultimate family man. He doesn't mind when our 3 kids and I tag along to work with him. He loves to spoil us, and always forgets about himself. He never goes to Idaho without taking Savannah, or all of us.
I love that Paul is always willing to help me. He started working more nights, because he stays home to give me the extra set of hands with the babies during the day.

I love that Paul is honest. When I ask for his opinion, I know I will get the truth...not always what I want to hear.
I love that Paul will always listen to my random stories, reads my blog every day, and supports me in my adventures.

I love that even though Paul hates pictures, he will always play along with my craziness.

I love that my weak spots, are his strengths.

Paul is the best at picking out presents, and I am the worst.
Paul is a total rockstar at our budget, I can't be trusted.
Paul is always well dressed, I prefer sweat pants.
I could go on forever...

Love that man of mine.

Happy Birthday Paul!


kendahl said...

Aww. Happy birthday Paul!

Cathy said...

Sounds like you've got a keeper. Happy birthday to Paul.

Jil ~ said...

Sounds like you've got a real keeper! Happy Birthday Paul!!

heather carlson said...

What a great man you've got there!!

Angie said...

Yeah, Paul's are pretty awesome! Happy Birthday to yours!!!