Thursday, October 25, 2012

high blue belt - tae kwon do

Like I said before, Savannah hasn't been loving Tae Kwon Do. She has been at a blue belt since May, and was suppose to test for her high blue belt last month...and that didn't happen. She wasn't ready, and we were okay with skipping out on the testing.

This month her Master put a lot of pressure on her to test. We went to 4 classes a week, got a private lesson, and yet the night before testing...I wasn't confident that she would pass. We even tried to talk to her Master to tell him that it wasn't gonna happen the night before, but he said the show must go on.
I have never been so nervous for her, and she was nervous too. We ate a quick dinner in the car, just the two of us...and she said that she wanted to say a prayer to help her do well.
As soon as the testing started, I could sense her confidence. It made me relax a little, and I even started to tear up a little watching her totally kill it.
She has never tested where she hasn't had to retest on certain combinations...this retests!! I was so proud, and wished that Paul could have been there to see it all.

Two hours of testing, she totally passed.

We got in the car, and she broke down. Lots of tears for excitement and relief.
Happy to see her loving Tae Kwon Do again.


Emily said...

That is absolutely and totally awesome! Tell her CONGRATULATIONS!

kendahl said...

Congrats Van! You are awesome!

Nicole said...

This post gave me goosebumps for her faith and her success. Way to go Van! I am very happy for you.

Jerilee E. said...

aw- this made me cry, too! Congrats to Van! That is awesome.