Monday, October 22, 2012


After the first couple of weeks of school Savannah came home with the paper that said one of her goals this year was to make new friends {especially from school}. What I didn't realize when she made this a goal, was that it would also become a goal of mine.

Savannah has wanted to invite friends over from school, exchange phone numbers, go home from school with friends...on and on and on for a long time. In my head I know this is part of her growing up, but then my overly protective Mom comes shining through...and I always squelch the idea. I did let her invite friends from school to her birthday party last year, and there was the one time I let her go home with a friend on early day...but I will be honest and I say I was a mess for that entire time.

I have become really good at excuses as to why she can't invite {insert name} to do this or that. I will spare you, and not share them. In her ripe old age of soon-to-be 8, she has figured me out though. It really has nothing to do with the friends either, I am just crazy.

So, when I told Savannah that I had an extra ticket to Secret of the Wings, she had a list of friends she was ready to invite from school. I tried to use all of my best excuses, but she had a great come back for all of them.

Gasp, this was happening. I was going to have to call a Mom, and in the process of inviting her daughter to come with us...I had to make a friend. Gah.

So, I chickened out...I emailed super late the night before the movie, when I just knew that it was going to be too late. {Okay, so I know I sound lame!} I had already set Savannah up for disappointment, and then guess what happened? The Mom promptly emailed me back, gave me her phone number...and we chatted on the phone that night, making plans for the movie.

I don't know why this all felt like a first date or something. Savannah even made me go and vacuum out the car, because the backseat always looks like a bomb went off.

It was a great learning experience for both of us. It made me realize that I need to let Savannah experience things like this more often. She was so happy, and had a lot more fun than if we had just gone with each other and Bean. They giggled in the backseat, said odd things to each other, and I let them be silly. It was fun for me to watch Savannah acting so grown up...definitely not little anymore.

I guess this goal isn't so bad if we both get a few more friends out it. Hopefully next time I won't be so nervous when I have to call a Mom. ;)
Oh, and Secret of the Wings was adorable, and fun. I loved that they handed out sparkling wings for the little girls. It definitely was the perfect girly date, and will be going in our DVD collection after it comes out.


Living the Scream said...

I am so in the same boat. I am always making excuses as well! Because my oldest 2 are not that far apart I am always telling them they have each other so we don;t need too have playdates and things. This inspired me to do better. :) It is hard!

Jerilee E. said...

Good job, Mom!
I can relate to this so much. I avoid interacting with people whenever I can (to spare THEM the awkwardness of having to interact with me). It's not fair to my kids and I really need to make an effort to be better.

Emily said...

And I'm all about the play date because it's often a win-win for everyone. The kids have fun and you get some peace and quiet (most of the time, even if the play date is at your house). ;)

Vanessa Brown said...

I KNOW! Doesn't it feel like you are calling to ask someone out on a date? I always feel so weird doing it although I have never had a bad experience with it!