Tuesday, October 23, 2012

gardner village witch festival

We actually live fairly close to Gardner Village, and go a lot to pick up orange rolls from the Naborhood Bakery. We use to go to find Snowball the cat, but the store he lived at went out of business...and the kids no longer beg to go as much.

During Halloween it is all the rage to go see all the Witches they have arranged all over the village. We have gone a few years now, and I didn't plan on doing it this year...but it was one of the things on our Fall bucket list {thanks again, Rachel} to do. Savannah is all about getting everything checked off, and so we went.

It is so darn busy that it makes the experience not as fun, IMO. When we went last week the lines were huge, and when you have 2 kids under the age of 2...they aren't as patient. :) Most things we had to completely skip, because it just wasn't worth listening to a couple of babies cry. It made Savannah disappointed, but what do ya do.
We waited in line for the $5 sparkle tattoo that Devin wanted. They said it would last 5 days, it looked like crap the next day. I'll remember that next time.
Savannah really wanted a witch hat this trip, and I was shocked when one of the stores was selling them for super cheap. Nothing is ever cheap, right?! So, she was pretty happy to ge that, until she saw the tattoos...and she wanted that too!
We found a few of the witches, but Devin is still terrified of big characters...so he wanted nothing to do with those. So, I ended up letting them dance on the stage for most of our trip...which actually made them both happy.
I do think it is fun to go, but maybe next time I will keep it to a big girl date with Savannah...

AND note to self...remember to let the kids dress up. I always forget, total Mom fail.


Emily said...

I too don't enjoy the craziness that is WitchFest. It was manageable when I went with my mom but I don't think I'd have survived a trip with my kids...and my kids are older! Perhaps you have to go when none of the schools are out and at a random time like 10:42am. But by dang if your kids aren't adorable!

Quinn skyler said...

I do enjoy the WitchFest with my children, the new designs of them on that day memorizes me.

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

I'm so excited you are using the bucket list I made! :) I have found that going the beginning of October is the BEST! We always plan a trip during the week and go right after school gets out and there is hardly any one there.

I am so excited you posted about Wheeler Farm. I totally forgot how fun the walking trail is for Halloween and like you said, so perfect for the nature hike! Can't wait to cross that one off our list too!!

Jerilee E. said...

We have gone to see the witches every year since we moved here. It has become more crowded every time and I do not love it anymore- but my kids ask to go. Ugh.

Gardner Village said...

The best time to go is the first of the month or weekdays when school is in session. UEA is the busiest time!