Friday, October 5, 2012

friday photo dump: week 11

1. We have a new place to eat that we is Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse. It is some of the best BBQ I have had, and the service was awesome too. Totally an added bonus.

2. We are addicted to Gymboree lately. With family pictures coming up, and the season change...we are shoppin' til we drop.

3. I saw this idea, and I just happened to have everything to make a version of the wreath I saw. Can I just vent a little? Okay, well I am going to anyway. ;) I have read so much about Pinterest, and bloggers not getting credit for the idea they came up with, and Pinterest not making things...people do. I get it, I really do. BUT you know what, all of it just makes me not want to use Pinterest. I am afraid the wrong person will get credit, and then on and on and on...End rant. So, yes I saw this idea on Pinterest, I didn't pin it...because of the above reason. Sorry to the person who originally came up with this, and I am not giving you credit...I think you are genious. If you find this post, and see your idea...comment and tell us who you are.

4. Co sleeping with Devin is a little hard. This pictures was taken in the middle of night, in a dark room, when the flash went off it hurt my eyes. Sooo, yes that is his foot, and the other one is on the top of my head. He is a mover and shaker.

5. Bless this girl for coming to our family.

6. Flour Girls & Dough Boys needs some TLC. When they have 8 drink options and 3 of them are out, and it happens every. single. time. Huge problem. They have some serious slow service, and can't get an order right even if you repeat yourself. Problem. It is a darn good thing they have good food.

7. I love hand watering, and the kids like for me to spray them too. It is a win-win.

8. Devin with his girly duck face and purple finger nails...look at the sassy too...he is definitely in touch with his feminine side.

Have a great weekend folks. Bina is finally old enough to take our favorite {bwahaha} trip to Idaho this weekend. Twin Falls or bust friends.

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