Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Do you ever wonder why people have such a hard time telling it like it is? Instead they paint a picture perfect life, and make the people looking on wondering how the heck they do it all!? Hello Pinterest, I am looking at you.

We all do it to some degree. For example, I go through my pictures to post on my blog and I find the ones that my babies are looking, smiling, and don't show the mess in the background. Or have you ever cleaned a room, or area just to take a picture? Guilty.
{I wish this was posed, it is not! Savannah really was like this for the first weeks of Bean's life...she did not want to share. Oh, and hello unmade bed!}

It is only Wednesday, and it has been a helluva week for me. I have changed so many blowouts, I lost track. I got peed on. Sleepless nights for both Paul and I, tired Mommy and Daddy...I even debated not taking Savannah to school this morning so I could sleep in. Yup, truth people!

Our basement got a leak, and left us with a big hole in our front lawn. After waiting for someone to fix it yesterday, he still didn't get it completely done. 

Savannah has cried every morning on the way to school, because she just wants to hang out with us all day.
{Poor baby screaming, and Savannah trying to be Mommy!}

Devin had a huge, okay so huge is an understatement...colossal tantrum this morning. I mean, I got slapped across the face, and my shirt ripped colossal. Things aren't always pretty people. You know why he was mad? I made him get out the bath after an hour. I am such a mean Mom.

I can't keep up with the laundry, and the pile in the hallway is always there. Paul asked me when the last time the hallway was vacuumed...I can't even remember. I would also have to move said pile of laundry to do the other, and that hasn't happened for a very long time.
{nap time!}

I do have a lot more time since being home to do household chores, but my house is still not anywhere near I had hoped for. Maybe I thought it was really possible after looking at so-and-so's blog.

The babies and I didn't even get out of our pajamas yesterday, and I even went to eat at Kneaders lookin' like a bum. Judge me, I am okay with it.
{Devin had to make sure Bean was looking!}

So, I am left wondering, why? Why can't we all just be a little more honest, instead of always trying to look so darn perfect!? I am sure I am not alone in this, or maybe I am.

Haters to the left.


Misty said...

For reals! Sounds like my life. Eloquently and humorously state!

Living the Scream said...

I so agree with this!! Life is hard and there is no way to get everything done that you want to everyday! Love that last picture of Bean, too cute!!!

jakell said...

I so agree! If you see my blog and FB see the messy back grounds, the mad and unpset faces, dishes undone and laundry piled up somedays..I figure its life. Lately my hair is left undone and thrown in a pony tail and no or very little make up, I decided its not worth stressing over anymore when it gets to be crazy at times. Life is so much more enjoyable that way. :) Messy house = happy kids (to a point LOL )

Jamie Newman said...

I am "guilty" of all those things except really, there isn't a darn thing wrong with it. We are all human doing the best we can and some days are PJ's and Kneaders days.

Heather said...

Yeah, I'm not one of those bloggers who highlights the good only. If I had a fight with hubby, that totally goes on my blog. It's a daily life blog and well, life is good, bad and sometimes incredibly boring and I'm ok with that, people dont have to read!

Nicole said...

Evonne, I love you. I love reading your blog because you are real. I have had to cut way back on the blogs I read because I allowed them to make me think that perfection was normal for some people. Thank you for being you and for being honest.

Sr. Ann Marie Slavin said...

I love it!

Emily said...

Kneaders in pj's sounds heavenly. And I love Vin's painted toenails in the Sharpie shot. Priceless. As far as laundry goes, I say just buy more clean underwear. As long as the clothes aren't standing up by themselves, you're good.


Sarah Hawks said...

Thanks for this post Evonne :) I'm very guilty of trying to paint a pretty picture of my life (probably because it has been such a wreck since my divorce). Hearing that others are having a hard time too helps me to feel normal.
Thanks again

Emily@Little Forever Family said...

Was there something wrong with going to Kneaders in PJ's? :) This is exactly how I have felt as of late, and my sister and I were even talking about how Pinterest has led to this unrealistic expectation. It can be an awesome source of ideas, but a lot of times, it just makes you feel less because your house does not look like it comes out of an anthro/restoration hardware/pottery barn home. I rebel here and now, and go with what makes me happy, but more importantly, makes my littles happy!!!

Arianne said...

This is why I like u. :)

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Kristina P. said...

I would totally throw this kind of Pinterest party with you!