Monday, September 17, 2012

utah state fair.

It has been a couple of years since we have been to the Utah State Fair. Since we were occupied with road trips, having a baby, and lots of other chaos...we missed out on all the local carnivals, parades, and such. We definitely couldn't skip the state fair this year!

$27.00 for our family to get in the gate, and we were off to have a good time.
After a quick jaunt through all the animals, and booths we started eating.

$13.50 for Richards BBQ.
$14.00 for Moochies.
$5.00 for a yummy crepe.
$5.00 for a big old root beer float.
We tried to buy tickets for the rides, but holy hannah the lines were unreal.

Sooo, next best!
$5.00 on make the wiffle ball in the win.
$10.00 on pop 3 balloons...WIN.
$10.00 on shoot a beanbag in the mouth...WIN.
$2.00 on make a 3 point win.
$3.00 on aim, squirt, and beat 6 other people...WIN!!
$5.00 on make the basketball in the hoop...WIN!!
We headed over to have the kids get their picture taken by some sketchy guy in a booth. Only Savannah would play along.
Oh well, saved us $10.00, and only cost $5.00 for her.

We left before the sun went down. Our stroller full of big stuffed animals, and sleepy babies.

We always talk about how expensive everything is, but to watch these kids of mine have such a good time...
It really is priceless.

I still have a list of food I couldn't eat before I got I'm comin' back for you next out!


Emily said...

Love the photos--you and that new little one look beautiful. Great-lookin' family. And now I'm hungry.

Arianne said...

Fun. Now I aNy fair food!!!

kendahl said...

The food is always the best part of the fairs. This is the first year we haven't been to the state fair in a long time and I'm kinda sad about it!

Kristina P. said...

I do nothing except eat.

Jerilee E. said...

So fun! Sometimes the cost is totally worth the good times and memories, right?
We have never gone to the Utah State Fair- we'll have to try it out next year.

dust and kam said...

I loooove the fair. I was sad we didn't make it this year.

I think we have it all wrong though... we never eat at the fair. We should change that!

The Circus said...

I so wish we could have relished in fair food! I want to eat something deep fried :). But with a family our size (and ages) it cost us over $60 to even get in. We stuck to the free stuff.
You're family is so dang cute.