Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the great pinterest challenge.

After taking close to a year off from Pinterest, I am back on the band wagon.

Since I am trying to cook more, and failing miserably...I decided I should probably start putting those food boards to use.

The first thing I learned when I got back on is I needed to organize my boards. I had one big food board, and it makes navigating a little time consuming. So, I used Emily and Cathy's boards for inspiration.

The second thing I learned is that I should probably not plan two new menu items a day, only one. When the lunch item fails, you get pretty hungry for dinner...and I want a sure thing. These pizza rolls that have been floating around were our lunch yesterday, and although the kids loved them...I did not. I guess you can't count that as a complete flop. I did love the glaze you put on top of them, and will be putting that on other breads I make. Let's be honest cheese and butter, can't really go wrong, can you!?

My grocery list and shopping this week was so easy. I guess Pinterest isn't a complete waste of time if you actually do what you pin. :)


Emily said...

I'm trying to do more of what I pin. Usually I make desserts--but can you blame me? I mean, really? ;)

Emily said...

P.S. I'm now following all of Cathy's boards... :)

Heather said...

I have an insanely easy soup recipe that my whole family (even fussy teens) love. Its gonna get cold there so yell out if you'd like it. Its basically boil everything in a pot, add some cream/milk then stir in cheese.

Cathy said...

Yay! I'm an inspiration!

Cathy said...

No. I'm a pinspiration!