Thursday, September 20, 2012


I wrote this post last night, but in my sleepy state forgot to publish it. :)

This post is long overdue.

It is true, I am spoiled...and this post is a big thank you to Paul.
As I type this it is 10:00 PM, and Paul is still not home from work yet. He went to work late so he could be home to help me during the day. He took Savannah to school this morning, because I had a rough night of sleep with Bri. He watched the babies so that I could go and pick Savannah up by myself from school. All of this is very much my normal.

I don't go grocery shopping by myself, because Paul rearranges his schedule to go with me. Never leaving me to do it by myself with the kids, and truth be told...I don't ever remember going grocery shopping by myself before kids either.

Paul changes 95% of Devin's diapers. The 5% that he doesn't change is when he is not home.

When I ask for something, he works it out for me to get it.

When I don't feel like cooking, Paul takes us out. When I haven't cleaned a darn thing all day, Paul understands that these kids keep me plenty busy. When I am tired, Paul makes sure to send me to bed early.

Even when I don't act like it, I am more than thankful for my partner in crime. I wouldn't be able to do this without someone that is so supportive. I know I have it good, and deserve a good smack if I ever complain...because I know a lot of Mommy's don't have near the amount of help I do.

kiss-kiss to my best friend.


kendahl said...


dust and kam said...

a supportive husband makes all the difference.

you two are my favorites.

Jil ~ said...

Great Job Paul!! I love to hear that there are such good guys out there!

Emily said...

Amazing guy!