Tuesday, September 11, 2012

never learn.

warning: none of the pictures go with this post, they just make me smile...and sometimes that is what I need to do.

When I started to feel really down at the end of my pregnancy with Sabrina, I immediately went and got some happy pills from my Dr. I think that is what made those last few weeks so enjoyable, and I was able to keep us doing all the fun Summer stuff.
Well, it has been a few months, I was feeling good and thought I didn't need the happy pill anymore {sound familiar}. I hate when I get cocky, and decide to play Dr.

It only took me 2 weeks, and voila...felt like crap.

I think I finally reached that breaking point when I had two awful nights of sleep in a row, and I got sick.

This Momma was not happy.
{doesn't she just look so grown up!?}

Paul jokingly said to me after 3 babies you would think I would learn I need a little pick me up after...and I shouldn't get cocky. Uh, he is right...again.

So, here I am saying that I have learned my lesson, and these hormones bein' out of whack are not going to get the best of me.


kendahl said...

OMG that mustache pic is too funny! Van does look really big and grown up. And I've said it a million times, but your kids are the cutest things.

Cathy said...

I need some happy pills too.