Thursday, September 6, 2012

Leap Frog Touch Magic Rock 'n Learn Par-tay.

I was excited to be chosen for a party that was just for Devin and his little friends. Savannah sometimes gets all the fun. ;)

I knew the party was going to be awesome just by the excitement that Devin had when he saw the toys. We have had the Leap Frog Touch Magic Learning Bus and Rockin' Guitar in our house for over a month...and they are still getting used a.lot.
Leap Frog sent us some fun ideas to make our party that much better, and the ideas are definitely worth sharing if you plan to buy these toys.

We sang "The Letters on the Bus" instead of "Wheels on the Bus". We pushed the buttons on the Learning bus, and sang the A on the bus says /a/ /a/ /a/ {you get the idea}...and you repeat for the entire alphabet. It is great for learning letters and sounds. The bus is also fun, because it has a piano and other cool, not just the alphabet.
We also had a jam out session. We were sent two Rockin' Guitars, and two by two we had everyone rock out together "on stage". Of course the boys really liked this. The guitar does lots of different songs that you can play your guitar too. Devin takes his guitar playing very seriously.
Most importantly we learned about sharing toys. We can all use a lesson or 20 on this.

We played, we colored, we ate, we conquered.
Things I like about the Touch Magic Learning Bus and Rockin' Guitar...
  • I like that they are light weight.
  • I like how skinny they are. You could bring the Learning Bus in the diaper bag for entertainment, and it doesn't take up any more space than some of the board books we have.
  • I like they have an on/off switch. So many of Devin's toys run out of batteries just from being pushed just so in the toy box.
The only thing our party was missing was Devi's bestest little friend Gage.

PS We are also learning how to get dressed all by ourselves...all outfits are awesome, because of Devin. Oh, and he changes clothes as much as a girl...can we say never ending laundry!?

Full Disclosure: The toys were given to me by Leap Frog through Mommy Parties. All opinions are mine, and the little boy that lives in our house. We owe a big ol' thank you to them, because we have had a blast playing...obvs.


dust and kam said...

:( I miss you.

I have been thinking about you all day and I have been going to write you a long whiny email. Exciting, right? :)

I think Gage needs that bus! He is trying hard to learn his letters, but I'm not much in the creative learning department.

Devin is so grown up and cute. I love that he dresses himself. I haven't even allowed Gage to try yet. I need more patience apparently. And more time to allow patience in the morning. :) Gagey misses his friend Devi. I hope to remedy this soon.

kendahl said...

This looks awesome! Such a fun way to teach letters. And what kid doesn't love a guitar!?

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

I want to rock out with that guitar. It looks awesome! Can I tell you that your little Devin is seriously the cutest little boy on the Planet. Seriously, these pictures make me melt. He is darling!