Friday, September 7, 2012

friday photo dump: week 7

You guys week 2 of school did not get easier for me.

Obviously, I was pretty much MIA on my blog.

Bri has decided to really hate being in her car seat. Can you imagine how awesome that makes car pool? 10 minutes to get to the school, 20-ish minutes to get Van, 10 minutes home...that equals some where around 40 minutes of screaming in the car. Devin tries to talk to Bri, but you can guess it doesn't help...maybe when she is a little older it will.

We spent the majority of our week doing some fall cleaning/organizing. I wish I could say things were more exciting. Like my Sista always tells me, everyday can't be fun.

So, here are my phone favs...

1. Paul has been expanding our business again. That man needs a break. NE who. The babies and I tagged along to the Game Grid Arcade to see our Big Buck HD delivered. It is 1 of 3 in the entire state of Utah...which is pretty cool. I thought that Paul was the ultimate lover of all things vending, and he is...but then we had Devin. He is giving Paul a run for his money. Devin loved watching the boys set it all up, and cried when we had to leave.

2. Our baby loves her bath time, and unlike most babies who like to kick and splash...Bean likes to relax. Dude, she fell asleep on me. That has never happened.

3. We went shopping for new clothes, and Savannah was proud of her find. She is saving it for her trip to Idaho this month.

4. It is fun to watch Devin become big enough to really play with Savannah.

5. Not only is Bri getting some delicious thighs, but she got her first freckle that adorns one of them.

6. Savannah always makes me proud. I love that her "character goal" for school was to make 2 new friends.

7. I got new shampoo and conditioner, and man my hair feels amazing...and smells amazing too.


9. Baby has blue eyes, and might as well be a mini Van.

10. Van started Girl Scouts, and in her innocence asked me if at the first activity she would start selling cookies.

11. We love Water Gardens Theatres!! We have been doing the vending at the American Fork location, and now just moved in to the Spanish Fork location. I shouldn't admit that sometimes I like to just go to get the yummy popcorn for super cheap.

12. It was a sad day to watch Billy Bob move. We are crossing our fingers for some cool neighbors. Honestly they don't even have to be cool, just maybe water and mow the lawn would be nice.

13. My little stud, partner in crime, lunch date, ultimate cuddle bug at night...the Devinator! ;)

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dust and kam said...

I want instagram. I love all of your photos, always.

Week three of school has been tough here too. Gah!
Good luck on week three for you! But for now, It's FRIDAY!

I can't believe Sabrina fell asleep in the tub! Awesome.

Love Savannah and Devi. You have the best kids. Ever.

I desperately need new shampoo and conditioner.

I wish I could be your neighbor. My life would be complete.

Have a great weekend!

Jerilee E. said...

So, I was driving down Airport Rd one afternoon last week and saw the crazy line coming from the school- looked like loads of fun :P.