Friday, September 28, 2012

friday photo dump: week 10

1. The week starts off with a hole in our front yard.

2. Followed by cleaning out the basement, finding tapes for Savannah to entertain herself with.

3. Movie party after school, and those kids that always fight...getting along.

4. A spur of the moment adventure over a bridge that crosses the freeway.

5. Someone wasn't paying attention when she was walking and ran into the garbage can.

6. Stephanie is a rock star. Love her.

7. This is the norm around these parts...feeding one baby, while giving the other a bath. Multitasking is a must.

8. Target dollar big FTW. Kids love these little plates.

9. Teacher gifts just because. It made Savannah so excited to go to school that morning.

10. My favorite s'mores cookie from Over the Top Gourmet Cookies.

11. This boy is all over the place when it comes to sleep these days.

12. I spy with my little eye, a little green nugget sitting on the chair by herself.

13. Proof of our "jammas and neaners" day!


Cathy said...

#10 could be my favorite too. Love all your pictures! Have a great weekend!

Emily said...

Love it all, especially the s'mores cookies and the little plates. George and Livi have those and still use them!

Nicole said...

Evonne, it makes me happy just to know you. Oh and Andrew is the same way with sleeping. I found him asleep yesterday on the floor with his head at the foot of his bed. It took a while for the carpet marks to fade off his face. Wish we were joining you at the park today. :(