Monday, September 10, 2012

call me crazy.

Most people will say that the more kids they have, the less pictures they take. I am the complete opposite. With every child I learned, I only wanted more. You can never have enough. On average I usually upload 20-30 pictures from my camera every night, and that doesn't include Instagram. Yes, a little obsessed, I know.
I told Paul that I would love to have the kids pictures taken professionally every 3 months. When he laughed, I decided to take matters into my own hands.
I came up with this brilliant idea I would just take some posed pictures. When I told Paul this idea, he thought I was crazy. I knew it was a little ambitious, but I still wanted to try. After all, Paul bought me this really nice camera, I should try to take some quality pictures with it. {I am not saying I want to be a photographer, I would just like to improve my photo taking skillz.}
So one day after school last week, I got all the kids ready and up that mountain we went behind our house. We weren't all but 3 feet away from the car, and it was a complete train wreck. Sabrina was crying when Savannah held her. Devin would not look at me, even if I promised him Disneyland. Savannah was worried about the babies looking and smiling...instead of herself.

I took 100 pictures in like 20 minutes, and knew I hadn't gotten a single good shot of my kiddies together.

I know now why I pay someone else to take these kind of pictures, it is ridiculously hard. Oh, and even though it didn't turn out like I had hoped...I still can laugh at these.
I tried. Really.


Heather said...

Are you kidding? That last photo should totally be framed! It shows everyone's personality perfectly.

Nicole said...

I bet you captured some great moments. Sometimes the unposed photos are my favorite.

kendahl said...

I like candids a whole lot better than staged pictures. I do try to take posed pictures every year at the start of school though, since we never seem to get the school pictures.

dust and kam said...

I looooove them. I'm thinking i will let you take some photos of Gagey. :)