Thursday, August 30, 2012

sweet freedom

I have been eyeing up double strollers for over 6 months. I wondered if by the time Bri came I wouldn't need one, so we waited. Turns out Devin is best contained. I tested a few, and I came to the decision I would get the ever so trendy Sit N Stand. I knew that Devin wasn't ready for the freedom of getting on and off, because when we tested in the isle at the store I lost count of how many times he did just that. So, I opted for the Fusion which is a double stroller, and the back seat is removable for later on.

It is a little heavy for me, but I am sure I will get use to it. I thought I was picking a stroller that was on the smaller side of doubles...turns out it still barely fits in my trunk.

Okay, so this isn't a I should probably just get to the point...

I have never been so excited over a baby item. I was using an umbrella stroller, and putting Sabrina in the pouch...but this double stroller business is waaaaay better than that.
{our old set up...worked, but that pouch makes me all sorts of sweaty. just keepin' it real!}

I have a rule if I walk to the gas station, I can get a Coke. So, we have gone twice in a 24 hour period. :) Sabrina loves to look out, but I also attached her car seat...and she thought that was okay too.
Our neighborhood has some serious hills, and I can already feel the burn in my legs from two walks. I am really out of shape, what can I say!
Those tasks that seemed a little overwhelming to the I am looking forward to. I may even just go to window shop, because I am excited to get a lot of use out this thing.


dust and kam said...

I love strollers. I absolutely could not live without one. And I have one child.

You are my super hero.

I think that is a great "deal" (as Gage would say).

I barely drank any coke/diet coke all summer. I can't say I even missed it *that* much. Now that school has started... I need my coke back. PRONTO! I even went and bought a 2 liter tonight to get me through the week (you know, the one day left). I decided today... if I am going to work, I deserve my coke!

kendahl said...

Those two look so much alike! And they are both cuter than cute. Congrats on the new stroller! :)

Mostly Jessica said...

My boy is almost 4 and he still isn't ready for the freedom!!! Do they make a triple stroller??? I probably wouldn't want to push that sucker around :(