Thursday, August 16, 2012


I decided it was probably time to write a post about our littlest. Since it has almost been 2 months since she made her grand entrance into the world.

saBEANa or just Bina{Devin says it the best!}
baby Bean or just Bean
A little about her:

She is a noisy little thing. No disguising that she is eating. She squeaks, and slurps, and grunts like she is starving every time.

Her bodily functions scare her. A fart will make her start crying. Paul says it is because she is a lady, and gets embarrassed.

She loves to sleep all the live long day, and night...and would prefer me to hold her while she does this. She is only waking up once at night, and those long stretches of sleep are doing my body good.

She is starting to talk, and is of course adorable! Combine the talking with the smiles, and it basically melts me.
She tolerates her brother and sister smothering her, but prefers Mommy. She is definitely a loved on little thing...someone is always wanting to hold her, shove a pacifier in her mouth, play with her, and heck, Savannah even likes changing diapers!
I love that she is already getting the chunky thighs, and the edible cheeks. My shoulders always smell like spit up, and the washer is always running...but this girl of ours is pretty much awesome!


kendahl said...

Oh, she is CUH-YUTE! (As are all of your littles.) Her thighs are absolutely squeezable and her cheeks are to die for! She reminds me a lot of Devin.

Sr. Ann Marie said...

She is so beautiful! Blessings on all of you!

dust and kam said...

I need me some saBEANa time.