Sunday, August 19, 2012

hearts 4 hearts girls

Savannah has never been into dolls, but that quickly changed when she got a Hearts for Hearts Girls doll. I love what this company is doing, and I love that it had such a good impact on Savannah. Her doll has quickly become her favorite, because she is a doll with a story.
Each Hearts for Hearts Girls doll has a story about a real girl that the doll was made to represent. An example is the doll Consuelo from Mexico, it was made to represent an imaginative 10 year old girl. This little girl knows all about food, because her parents own a bakery...and everyone in the family helps out. With her mother's help, she makes a little restaurant in the back alley to feed the children that are going hungry. When you purchase a Hearts for Hearts Girls doll a portion of that money goes towards helping support their cause. So if Consuelo is purchased the portion goes towards World Vision, a humanitarian organization.

Awesome, right?
Besides this being such a great cause, this is what Savannah also loves about her doll...
  • The doll has earings that you can take out, and put back in.{You can also remove all her bracelets, shoes, etc.} 
  • She likes that her doll isn't like a baby doll, it has a completely plastic body.
  • She loves her long hair that she can brush, and put in a pony tail.
You know what I LOVE about this doll, I can totally make Savannah behave if she knows she won't get to play with her! :)

We were able to host a little shindig to share this awesome company, and also give one of Savannah's friends a doll too...which was definitely the highlight of the party.

Ways to find out more about Hearts for Hearts Girls...

Website and Facebook

You can purchase a doll through their website, and by entering this code H4HAUG12, you will receive $5 off {while supplies last, expires October 2012}. When I did a little google search, I also found out you can purchase them through other places beside their website too!

Disclosure: Thank you #MommyParties and #HeartsforHeartsGirls for letting us be a host, and learn about such an inspiring business. All opinions are our own!


kendahl said...

That is a really cool idea for a company. I like it! And the doll Van got is pretty cute.

Linda said...

In order to host a "Mommy Party" for the "Hearts 4 Hearts Girls" dolls, are bloggers expected to host parties for and review other products, as well?