Friday, August 17, 2012


We have good friends, and lots of them.
Just this week we had a play date with the Taylor's, a beach party with the Brown's, and a visit which included dinner from Stephanie. Our Summer has been filled with good friends, and I have been reminded of how lucky we are.
I was rocking Bina to sleep a few nights ago, and she smelled of a friends perfume. It made me smile, the smell meant that our baby has been snuggled, and held, and loved.
I was telling my friend about how much I missed Instagram, and how I was sad that all the hospital pictures I took of us were lost. Can you believe it when this friend produced a new phone for me, and when I loaded my card in it...poof, everything was restored! It was like Christmas, but better.

I have to share a few pictures of what I thought I would never recover from the broken phone...
Still so happy about this.

One night I was having a minor melt down, it happens. I was frustrated that Devin had decided to wake up his baby multiple times after I had just rocked her back to sleep. The house looked like I hadn't touched it, and yet it was clean just hours before. Right in the middle of thinking about crying, a friend called. Perfect timing, I needed to vent. That same friend even called the next day to make sure I was okay.

They say where one door closes, another opens...and my life is proof of that. If this is all I ever get, I would be a happy woman for-evah!


Tiffany said...

I love Bina!! Cute nickname!! LOVE the pics from the hospital! HOORAY!!!

Emily said...

Your friends are my friends and I agree, they are seriously awesome. :)

dust and kam said...

Friends are THE best.

I have to admit, I am a little (quite!) jealous.

Beautiful photos! I am so glad you did not lose them.

Love you, beautiful friend!

Vanessa Brown said...

wait! it saved all your hospital photos?!?! oh miss stephanie you really are the best.

Nicole said...

So glad you came swimming with us. And, I don't want to sound dramatic but it would be devastating to not have those pictures so I'm so glad you recovered them. My favorite is the darling wide-eyed shot of Sabrina

kendahl said...

I'm glad you got the pictures back because that shot of her with her eyes wide open is so freaking cute; it'd be a shame to have lost it forever!