Friday, August 31, 2012

friday photo dump week 6

1. This is totally Sabrina's personality. Paul bought it for her, because the day before I changed 8 poopy diapers...and Paul changed 1 or 2. That my friends is a lot of diapers.

2. I am missing Savannah in the back seat, and I am not the only one.

3 and 4. TOTALLY ADDICTED. Sometimes in the middle of the night while I nurse Sabrina I drink me a Coke...then after I took this picture I may have realized how pathetic I am. Since then I drink Powerade.

5. Savannah told me "Mom, I know these are boy shoes, but I still look hot!" Love her.

6. I don't think her lips could get any more kissable.

7. My little stud. Gosh, he is so silly.

8. BIRDS. EVERYWHERE. Devin and I had fun opening the door and watching them fly away!

Happy Weekend Folks. 

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dust and kam said...

Happy FRIDAY! (do you still like Fridays?) ha ha.

LOVE all your photos. I can't wait until I have a phone that takes photos. The count down is on. Yipee!

That is how Gage was. He pooped all. the. time. Every. single. diaper. For about the last year it has been once a day, but every now and again, he gets into the 10 times a day poop. Oh how I love poop. (Speaking of poop, he just now came and told me he was poopy.)

I can't imagine how much you all miss Savannah during the day. Thank heavens school is over at 3-ish! (?)

I love Savannah.

I am loooving Devi. We need to come see you. Soon.

Holy birds! Crazy!