Friday, August 24, 2012

day #4

I planned a lot for this was a little overwhelming, but oh so much fun. I wouldn't have wanted any of it left out. Okay, except the shots for Sabrina. Boo-hoo.

We started off bright and early at the Dr. office, because baby girl had her 2 month check up. I don't think I ever gave her permission to not be a newborn, but she went ahead and decided to grow up anyway. Sad. So far she is our tall and on the skinnier side baby. 96 percentile for height, and only 65 percentile for weight.
The Dr took longer than expected, doesn't this always happen? We were suppose to meet BFF and friends at the beach by 11, and didn't get there until 11:45ish. Good thing my friends are understanding.

BFF has an awesome family, and they brought the "Parry Party Boat" with them...oh me, oh my that thing is fun. I went on it without a swimming suit, and got completely soaked from the waist down...but it was TOTALLY worth it. My kids never can get enough of the beach, except Ms Cranky Pants Bri. She was still mad I let the Dr poke her.
It was lovely to sit and talk to BFF and Cathy underneath the big umbrella. AND I am pretty sure BFF's Mom is the nicest lady around, and looked smokin' hot with her tan and super cute swimsuit cover up.

When the babies were spent, and time was tickin' to get to our next destination...we said our goodbyes with a promise to meet up for dinner. 
We headed straight from the beach to Savannah's school to find out who her teacher is going to be in 2nd grade. We were excited to see it was a familiar name, and Savannah was happy about who was and wasn't in her new class. Savannah was excited to show off her new baby, and see all of her 1st grade teachers. That girl was glowing, and I am excited to see what this new school year has instore.

With a car full of exhausted babies, we headed home for naps, baths, and to sit in an air conditioned house.

We weren't home long though, and it was time for Paul to take Savannah to Tae Kwon Do...and a dinner date with his little lady. While I got the babies and I ready for our dinner date.

Cafe Rio with the girls and little people was the end to a whirlwind day #4.
Tomorrow I am hoping I still have some steam left in me to complete this P-a-R-t-Y.

We haven't gone to Thanksgiving Point yet, and we still have a shindig for Sabrina's blessing Saturday.

This has been a blast, and I have proven to myself I can totally handle this 3 kid business...and still hang with the cool Mom's.

Bring on day #5.


dust and kam said...

you are a rock star.

can I be more like you?

my friend went to $2 tuesday at Thanksgiving point this week... she said it was a nightmare and never. ever. again. i think you made a good choice by pushing it back. :)

so glad you get to spend time with BFF.

i am excited for savannah! she's too cute.

as is devin.

and oh man, you two make cute babies. that sabrina... she is beyond cute.

have a happy friday.
and a great saturday!
happy blessing day sabrina! sending all my love!

Jerilee E. said...

oh goodness, that pic of Sabrina is beyond awesome- just love it :).
You know, long busy days are hard- but they are also my favorite! There's something wonderful about doing so many fun things in one day that the little ones can barely keep their eyes open by the end of it.

kendahl said...

Poor baby Bina having to get shots! No fun.