Thursday, August 23, 2012

day #3

Well, lets see here...a recap of day #3...

I didn't actually tell the kids what we were doing Wednesday, because I didn't want to hear the constant "is it time to go yet!?" when they woke up I told them to start cleaning for a reward. Even that little Devin cleaned, and helped me wash dirty dishes. By the house still isn't clean if you must know.

Paul had to work in the morning, and so we stayed around the house and made my version of chicken pot pie {it really is more of a casserole, than pot pie}. I use to make this all of the time when we were newly weds. I told Paul I don't remember it tasting as good as it did...and his response "Maybe you have become a better eater." True statement, I am much less picky in my 30's.

When Paul came home he brought with him a table top arcade game. Uh, heaven. Our Daddy has the coolest job. We played game after game until we were all ready to hit the road.
After much discussion on Facebook it was decided that 7 Peaks in Provo would be our destination for the evening. I have to say it was a very good choice.
{I told Paul I needed to take more pictures of him, and this is the face he gave is definitely clear he LOVES the camera, huh!?}

I wondered how it would be with 3 kids, all of them at different levels of what they find fun. I couldn't have planned it out better. Turns out Devin was cool with the lazy river, Savannah was okay with the kiddie pool, and Sabrina just wanted to sleep on my shoulder {huge shocker, right!?}. Can we say so easy to manage? Paul took Devin, I watched Savannah while holding, win, win. We bought a pass that came with food that was okay enough to hold us over so we could stay a little longer. Kids were happy, and Paul and I always say that is what is important now.
I did almost fall with Devin in my arms on one of those stupid bridges they have. It was as close to falling as I could have gotten. Just think limbo, and I got low...low...low. Even Paul couldn't believe I caught myself. I am going to be sore for a few days, I proved I must have some muscle hiding in my body somewhere.
We also decided that Paul taking either of the babies on the lazy river by himself equals chick magnet. :) I mean who can resist a hunk holding a itty bitty baby, or better yet who can resist a hunk holding a little boy hunk. Seriously, it really is irresistable.

On the way home we picked up our favorite Nothing Bundt Cakes to eat when the kids were all in bed as our reward for braving the water park. AND that my friends is a perfect ending to a pretty darn good day.

Day #4 is going to be a busy one. BFF is in town, Sabrina has shots, Savannah has to go to meet her teacher for 2nd grade, I want to go and pick up my double stroller, and a dinner out with the girls at Cafe Rio...should have lots to talk about.

I really don't want to see Summer end, I am going to miss all this fun that we are having ALL DAY...

PS I promise to actually use my real camera on day #4 instead of my phone...


kendahl said...

Oh, Nothing Bundt Cakes is sooo dang good! I love that place. I wish they were open on Sunday since that's the only time I'm ever in Sandy.

Your kids are so dang cute. Seriously, it kills me how adorable they are. And I'm glad Seven Peaks didn't do you in. It's a fun place when it's not too crowded.

dust and kam said...

perfect. I am so glad you had a great day!

I think the older I get... the more picky I become. With everything! :)

I have yet to have anything from Nothing Bundt Cake. Sad, sad. I keep telling Dust we NEED to.

Have a great day today! So glad you get to see BFF and that cute babe!