Wednesday, August 22, 2012

day #2

I had plans to go to Thanksgiving Point this day, but then I heard it was $2 Tuesdays...and I will be honest, it scared me away. I don't actually mind a crowd, but with our schedule being flexible I decided I would rather do it on a day that my kids won't have to wait to see everything.

I woke up to a snuggly 2 year old in my bed. I can't say this is a horrible way to wake up, he is just so darn cute. When he got sick of snuggling me, he crawled in Bina's crib and tried snuggling her. Um, I think I like his snuggles more than she does. He is gentle, but just likes to get up in her grill a little too much.
I had been putting off grocery shopping since Saturday, I was motivated enough this morning to go in my pajamas. I got all the kids semi ready, and Paul came to assist me in my efforts. I don't know how ladies do it without a man that helps as much as mine does...but this is a post for another day. Everyone earned quarters for being good, and we won a prize out of the crane...and I think 3 quarters were spent on gum.

We came home, and I told the kids to clean up 5 toys and we could go to the park. Man that made them move quick. Just as soon as I got the groceries unloaded, we were back out the door. I like to call our adventures in the park, "pajamas in the park". Getting ready is completely optional when the park is empty in the morning. Total bonus.
We played, we soaked up some fresh air, and Bina decided to throw up to the point it wasn't even worth trying to clean off of me. So...back home we came.
I made lunch, it involved sandwiches with of Savannah's favorite food choices. Then naps for the babies after everyone's belly were full.

Savannah and I played "cooking show"...she likes to be Paula Deen. :) We made cookies for people we love. This is always  top on her list of things to do when it is just the 2 of us.

Although we didn't really go anywhere new or far, the kids were still happy.

Tae Kwon Do, delivering our baked goods, and dinner with just my girls.

Day #3...we have hopes to go to a water park {not a splash pad!}. Oh howdy this could be the biggest disaster, or something spectacular. All I know is Paul is going with me. Stay tuned.


kendahl said...

Good luck at the water park, and have fun! I'm sure with Paul there you will be alright. Your little boy is such a sweetie, I just wanna squeeze him!

Cathy said...

That last picture is precious.

Vanessa Brown said...

ok I WAS nervous for you until you said Paul was going with you. That will work fine!!