Tuesday, August 21, 2012

day #1

I woke up Monday morning, and got this crazy idea we were going to p-A-r-T-y all week...because it is our last week of real freedom.

I pulled the calendar out, and filled this week up with fun stuff for the kids. Have a mentioned Summer is kind of exhausting, because these kids want to be entertained 24-7!? Well, they do...and it is a lot of work to do that.

Sabrina didn't sleep well Sunday night, but I didn't let that put a damper on my big plans for the week.

I think Paul thought I had lost my mind when I told him our plans for the day were the Zoo. 3 kids, 1 Mommy...yeah, it is kind of out of my comfort zone. I am starting to get adventurous, what can I say.
We brought along our Dr Pepper can for BOGO tickets, a camera, and that is about it.
I let Devin run free like an animal in the wild.
Savannah even did her fair share of running.
Bri...she slept in the pouch, and when she woke up only to smile and fell back to sleep. Complete gem that girl is.
We stayed for hours, and rewarded ourselves with a big shaved ice at the end. I embarrassed Savannah nursing without a cover on, I told you guys I didn't bring anything in the zoo with us. :)
Everyone crashed in the car on the way home...except me, hello I had to drive. Oh, and I hit a ladder on the way home that I watched fall out of someones work truck. Boo for not securing your load, yeah for a Mommy that was a quick thinker and didn't kill us all. I did honk at the ladder, like it was going to move on it's own. Ugh.

We went and picked up our Daddy for dinner, a hair cut, and new church clothes...um, Bri is getting blessed...we are planning things over here.
We stopped at Chick Fil A for yummy chocolate chip cookies {thank you Jennifer for suggesting it!}. We came home and all took long, hot baths...and then dipped our cookies in cold milk. Except Devin, he prefers juice for dipping {eeewww!}...and he didn't get a good cookie. He wants quantity, not quality. 
Tomorrow will be another recap of an adventure we went on.

Party on people.


dust and kam said...

The only thing that would make your party better? Me. And Gagey.

Okay, so maybe that would only make it better for me. :)

I love that you are having a fun week. I want to do something today on my very last day of summer. The only thing that I can think of in the good 'ole town of Richy? Bowling. I am not sure I am ready to take Gage bowling. :)

Have the best week ever. You are one amazing momma!

kendahl said...

Holy busy! You are such a good momma.

Sell...Party Of 5 said...

Bowling sounds fun, but we love doing that. :) We would love to have you around to party with.