Monday, August 20, 2012

2 new rules.

After a long day by myself on Saturday, I made two new rules.

No littles in my bedroom anymore.

No food out of the kitchen.

48 hours in, my bedroom is still clean AND toy free. I haven't had to clean up the carpet from any drink spills.

Please tell me you have these kind of rules, or I am alone in this.

These two are keepin' me on my toes...


kendahl said...

We don't necessarily have a rule about it but Hailey doesn't go in our room much. It helps that we're in the basement and she is upstairs.

dust and kam said...

I'm sad that I didn't know you were alone on Saturday. We could have partied. :)

I am all about the rules. All toys and Gage stuff is in his room. He can bring it out, but it has to go back when he's done. I don't let him in my bedroom. Or bathroom, or kitchen. He gets his room and the living room.

Vanessa said...

Toys are only for upstairs! Unless special permission is given. Food only in kitchen unless we are having movie night or something and mom says its ok on the floor. I think those are my two. Oh and I don't do screaming and running around in the house. Which is hard when relatives or family or whatever come over. I let them go crazy outside or up in the playroom. But my kids can't run around and scream in the main part of the house. Oh I thought of one more....what was it. No climbing on couches, AT ALL. I think those are all of my weird rules, I can't think of anymore....

The Circus said...

Three rules at our house
No littles in my bedroom.
No food or drink out of the kitchen.
No toys out of the bedrooms (with 6 kids... it became a must).
You're not alone.

Living the Scream said...

We have a no food upstairs rule. It helps so much. I also hate when my kids play in my bedroom.