Sunday, July 22, 2012

planning a high tea party.

Savannah and I decided it would be fun to have a fancy tea party! I am excited to show you some of the little details that are going to make this party fabulous.

Hats, lots of hats.
Aren't these fabulous? Every girl will feel fancy in one of these hats. Savannah put her stamp of approval on them, and definitely make her feel fancy.

A tea set.
Savannah is finally old enough to take care of something nicer...and something NOT plastic. I know she feels fancy using nice dishes that are just for special occassions.


Because my friends are awesome at this, I can just copy a few of the finger foods they have already done. My favorite ideas are Emily's chicken salad finger sandwiches {who doesn't love a little sandwich without the crust on it!}, and I thought Vanessa had a great list of fun little finger foods too!

Dessert will be easy. Cadbury Ice Cream Bars.

Savannah and Von tested, and totally approved. Small, delicious, and come in different flavors. The chocolate these little babies are dipped in is heavenly. Trust me.


Since it is going be fancy we decided to use nice linens on the table. Tie big ribbon on the backs of the chairs, and of course we will be in our fanciest dresses...insert princess dress ups here! :)

What am I missing? Got any suggestions on having the best high tea party around?

Disclosure: Thanks to #MommyParties, MomSelect, and Blue Bunny for letting me throw a fancy #CadburyHighTea has been fun for Savannah and I to plan while the babies are asleep. All opinions are my own, yo.

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kendahl said...

I love the hats!