Monday, July 16, 2012


My top 5 favorite things I have learned since being at home...

I can make a better cherry lime rickey than you can buy at Artic Circle. It took a few sub par drinks from the gas station before I got perfection. Totally worth it.

I have had a chocolate chip cookie recipe that I received on a gift from my bridal shower. I finally have gotten use out of it. Yes, that is 13+ years of it sitting on my shelf. Those cookies have hit the spot a lot lately, and the kids like helping.

I can get 3 kids to bed by myself...including a separate bath for all of them. {high five} Paul has been working a lot of nights, and that has left me to figure it out on my own. It is easier with Paul home, but I can rock it solo.

It is okay if I let the cleaning go sometimes. Sleep is more important, and so is my family.

Remembering to say yes when the kids have heard no all day. The kids played in the pouring rain today, even though I wanted to say no. I knew they would have a funky smell afterwards {my weird pet peeve}, but I said yes...and both of them were thrilled.

I have a lot to learn still, but it is definitely coming slowly.


Emily said...

I need to say "yes" more than "no" but it's so very hard, especially when it's been a long day. You're rockin' this mom thing and I love hearing all about it!

kendahl said...

I am sure your kids love having you home with them. You are doing great! By the way, I need to see more pics of sweet baby Bri. :)

Amy Searles said...

Teach me how to make YOUR perfect cherry lime rickey.. I'm still all over Sonic's drinks, especially with their Ice!

Vanessa said...

Ok get together time for the ladies! bring your best choc chip cookie and things for the drinks. wouldn't that be nice to meet at a park when it is cool and the kids are in bed? and just eat choc chip cookies. sounds like my kinda night!