Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a date with my girl.

{at the movie theater}

We got to attend the premiere of Brave for our date.

{Can I just say that the movie was not what I was expecting?! I guess I didn't see enough of the previews.}

When I asked Savannah what she wanted for dinner, the answer was popcorn. Easy enough.

I let Savannah pick the music in the car, but all she really wanted to do was talk.

This particular week she had a few rough days. It had something to do with a kid at the play ground teasing her about her teeth. She was able to stand up for herself, but it left her feeling even more insecure than she already has been about those darn teeth.

This little date is just what she was needing.

Savannah really is so fun to be around, and definitely is growing up way too fast.

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kendahl said...

She is such a doll! And I agree about Brave - not at all what I was expecting. Still good, but different.