Tuesday, July 31, 2012

current 5 favorites.

I have been trying new recipes, and I let the kids help me. Our newest favorite is these Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies that my friend Emily posted. Even if you don't put the right amount of peanut butter in them, because little ones are helping...they are still amazing.
It is our last month of our Thanksgiving Point pass, and although we didn't use it as much as I would have hoped...it is still a favorite place to go for the kids. I took all 3 kids to the farm, and they still enjoy it even though we have done it before.
Saying that Savannah is addicted to the Olympics would be an understatement. During the opening ceremonies we did a craft, and made flags with our favorite athletes on them. She has enjoyed trying to be a gymnast, and both kids have practiced diving in the pool.
When we went on our last big shopping spree at The Dub for everything I ever wanted, or thought I may want, we let the kids pick out a few things too. Savannah picked out a movie, pink 3D glasses for our TV, and a really cool night light. Devin couldn't get over this "chiiicken"...and so we are now proud owners of this rooster who sits in our kitchen.
This girl has started to smile...lots. Never gets old.

What is in your top 5?


Emily Christine said...

1. Stirlings lamb noise. It's classic.
2. Summer nights
3. Pintrist.. I've been addicted lately. Made some pretty good enchiladas the other day.
4. The Olympics!
5. Looking forward tO my road trip!

Emily said...

Dang, those brownies are good! Now I need a pan!

The Circus said...

1. the sunsets have been amazing lately, haven't they?
2. the man keeps beating me in chess, but frankly, I'm just happy he likes to play with me.
3. my flipflops
4. our second set washer and dryer! woot woot!
5. currently teaching the circus about flylady.net. our house is so clean with only 15 min of work. I love it!
I may have to do a post of my own on this now, but I'll give you credit for inspiring me :)

kendahl said...

1. Moab and an amazing vacation with the family
2. cute sandals
3. a job I don't hate to go to
4. my new car
5. having my step-daughter with us for 10 days

Cal said...

I love Devins smile. Is he always happy?

Cathy said...

That last picture is killing me. Dead. What a cutie!

Jerilee E. said...

That baby is the most adorable ever, but man alive, that picture of Devin and the brownies- LOVE it.