Saturday, April 7, 2012

easter + birthday

{if I were to guess from my shirt, I think I was in 3rd grade in this picture}
Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays {I think I said this about Halloween too}, even if I haven't been good at making traditions for my kids.

Growing up Easter was always spent down on my Grandpa Joe's farm. The egg hunt was top notch in the huge stacks of hay, and you were bound to find a few plastic eggs hidden in a nest of those poor chickens.

It was a family affair with deviled eggs, and a someone always tried to make a bunny cake of some sort. My Mom would top her famous sugar cookies with green coconut and a few jelly beans...and it was quite the grand party indeed.

This time of year not only brings Easter, it brings my birthday. Birthdays are always hit and miss for me, and not because my Husband doesn't buy me the best presents ever! I can remember a few birthdays just being really emotional...uhem, one of them was this year {and year 25 was a mess too}. Heeeelllooo pregnancy hormones, glad you decided to show up on my 31st birthday.

I didn't blow out any candles on a cake this go around, because even though I acted a fool on my birthday...I couldn't wish for a better life than what I have. I realize I have a husband that works really hard for the things I have, and will defend and protect me to the end. I have kids that make me laugh, drive me batty, and beg for my attention.  My friends are out of this world, and last night I fell asleep wondering how I got so lucky to have so many good ones.

Even though my 2012 has not treated us well so far, I am ready to see what 31 has to offer...I know a baby is in store...and that my friends isn't shabby.

Oh, and Happy Easter. Enjoy a deviled egg for me, because I will be cooking Lasagna. :)


Emily said...

Happy Easter, my dear friend!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

Do you know how much I love your blog?! I am wishing you lots of joy and blessings your 31st year. You deserve it! Happy Easter!

Nicole said...

What a cute picture! 2012 will be awesome with Sabrina making her big debut and lots of other great things too!

kendahl said...

I see a lot of young you in Devin. I love seeing old pictures! Happy late Easter. We spent it in the hospital. :\ I'll blog about it, maybe today.

Emily@Little Forever Family said...

You look so much like my best friend growing up, it is scary! I am going to post this link onto her facebook page so she can see. Love your guts BTW, even if you are not the perfect Easter Bunny (because the Easter Bunny did not even visit our house :)

dust and kam said...

Love you, love you.

Happy Birthday! I am sad I was away. I would have liked to bug you a bit more. :)

Happy 31st year! I can't wait to see what your next year has in store.

Happy Easter.