Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day.

This is a sponsored post, and a lovely giveaway too.

It is true that I am not much of an tree hugger, I think my Sister got all of what my parents had in them to pass along. Today I did enjoy having a meal on a picnic table to enjoy the earth. The sunset had a pink color to it, and there was just enough of a breeze. It is probably a good thing both of my kids could live outside, because I would not have these types of moments as often as I do without them.

Today I also took the online pledge to conserve water. Happy Earth Day from the Sell family! Right now my city is ranked 104...not too shabby. With Savannah starting to take showers, and Summer right around the corner {hello, water bill going up} was nice to have a refresher course in ways I can conserve water.

We installed a EcoFlow shower head, and just this morning I was so thankful I had. The shower head we got saves up to a gallon of water per minute, and guess what that means...extra mula in my pocket! After Savannah had been in the shower for over 10 minutes, I finally had to kick her out. Seriously that little body of hers should not take that long to clean. :) You can see why I decided that water conservation was something that we needed to work on.

I have loved seeing all of the little Earth Day craft projects on blogs, and hearing about people enjoying the great outdoors this has definitely made me want to get outside and enjoy the beauty all around me.

What do you do to celebrate Earth Day?

Would you like to make it your goal to conserve water too? Well, then Water Pik would love to give one of my lucky readers a EcoFlow shower head to get you well on your way to doing so.

Comment on this post and you are entered.

Giveaway will end April 25th at Midnight. Winner will be contacted via email.

Extra entries...

Take the pledge.
Go check out the Facebook page.

PS They do have coupons as well on their site, just in case you are in the market for a new shower head.

Disclosure: I was given a Waterpik EcoFlow shower head as part of a promotional program with MomSelect, but all opinions are mine. The end.


dust and kam said...

Would this be the wrong time to admit that I had to google to see when Earth day was? Yep, it's true. I am pathetic.

However, if Earth day is about a new shower head, I am all about Earth day! Our is in need of replacing. I Must go check out the coupons. Thanks for the heads up!

We do try to conserve water and energy. We try to do our part. That means we are still good people, right? ;)

Heather said...

When we get our water bill, it comes with a comparison to this time last year and also of our consumption to the neighbourhood's consumption and even with four adults in the house, our water usage is way less than the neighbourhood. We actually have chronic water shortages in my city so I'm very strict about days I'll water the lawn (and do one less than is allowed). We all have to do our part!

Michelle said...

I really love the School House Rocks Earth! movie - so much fun. Jenna learned all about her carbon footprint. I am happy to say our city just started recycling and last year they did a green waste can. It's great to help where we can.

Mostly Jessica said...

A new shower head would be nice. When our in-laws come to visit we have at least a dozen people needing showers - or at least it feels like a dozen!

kendahl said...

Um, I had no idea it was Earth Day. I'm a terrible human. So we didn't do anything to celebrate. I thought about doing yard work, does that count? I recycle cans, so I guess that's planet-friendly.

Alyssa said...

I think any new shower head would be better than the one we have, and I love saving money :)

Alyssa said...

I took the Pledge!! Ogden is ranked #119

Alyssa said...

I liked their FB! The shower head looks nice!!!

Melissa*Licious said...

I am a huge tree-hugger! I would love a new shower head, especially because my dearest loves to shower 2+ times a day!

Melissa*Licious said...

I liked their facebook!

Melissa*Licious said...

I took the pledge :)