Wednesday, March 28, 2012

something to be proud of.

Devin's proud moments...

Devin got a couple of new pairs of shoes. He has been showing everyone. We went to Paradise Bakery, and he started flirting with the girl behind the counter...and showing her his new shoes.  He earned himself free food. Score.

Devin was proud when he cleaned the dirty toilet with his brand new tooth brush. Of course, he even used it after he cleaned. {You can gag, I did.}
Savannah's proud moments...

Savannah has been really working on those monkey bars, and she finally can get about 5 bars in.  It is a big deal, and something she is really excited about.

Savannah also received a 100% on her Mexico test. She was so nervous about it, and obviously had nothing to worry about.
{this was a couple of weeks ago. large and in charge!}

Evonne's proud moments...

I have been keeping a really clean house. {Definitely more on this later!}

I asked for help.
{this is our car guy, Wayneyou might remember him from our last car purchase. we love him, and think he is the bestest!}

What Paul's wife thinks are his proud moments...

Paul bought us another car, and got us a sweet deal...after much negotiating. He is really good at buying new cars, if only we had to do it more often. :)

Paul is really good at running his business, and has a real passion for what he does. When things get really screwed up, he manages to still be able to fix it...even when it looks terribly hopeless.

What are you proud of?


kendahl said...

You are so freaking cute when you're pregnant! Well, all the time actually; but when you're pregnant especially.

I'm still riding on my pride from my 5k time. :)

Cathy said...

I'm proud of no cavities at the dentist this morning for my kiddies. Especially since I'm horrible at remembering to brush teeth.

Jamie Newman said...

You look fabulous! When is your due date again??

I'm proud that I survived and so did the kids while my husband was away for business. And I can't wait that he is headed home right now!!

dust and kam said...

I am proud that I am half sane after working so much lately. I am proud that I work hard.

I am proud that Dustyn and I went on a date tonight. (kind of)

Heather said...

I am proud of my 18 year old nephew Levi. He is listening carefully to learn and grow, he is working hard and he is turning into a lovely young man and a gentleman!

Michelle said...

proud of my husband for finally graduating with his BFA in December and that he has an amazing portfolio because he's just that good.
Proud of my now 9 year old daughter for passing off her multiplication facts.
Proud of me that my students' Spring Fever hasn't driven me completely crazy. (and also proud that I can explain why and when we use is/are and was/were