Friday, March 2, 2012

parent teacher conferences.

{I love that she changed the name of the bird when she gave it to me!}

Since I am a newbie at this school business, I get nervous going to parent teacher conferences still. Savannah always comes home with high marks on her homework, and she seems to be excelling...but you never really know.

On the way to the school Savannah tells me, "Mom, my teacher might tell you I am too chatty. Are you mad?"

It is always hard to get mad at your child for a trait that I clearly passed on to her.

Savannah was right, the teacher told me that she is a social butterfly, and would probably be able to participate in class more if she wasn't already busy having conversations. That's my girl. But then she went on to say that Savannah is reading above a 1st grade reading level. Savannah has improved on her penmanship. Savannah always gets high scores on everything, and that she is ready for 2nd grade.

We celebrated her mostly good review by going to the book fair, and buying her some fun goodies.

I really should stop worrying so much...Savannah has this school stuff in the bag.


Cathy said...

Cute! I'm pretty sure my son's teacher is going to tell me he's grouchy and shy. I'm also pretty sure he got that from me.

Michelle said...

The goal of conferences is to celebrate your child. There should never be any surprises. (Not all teachers do this, but most I know do.) Savannah is such a cute girl, you've done well.

Jerilee E. said...

Well, being friendly, chatty and happy is a good thing in my book!
Yeah, my oldest is in 3rd grade and I still get nervous for Parent/Teacher conferences. We have never had a bad conference, but I just can't help being nervous. Go figure.