Friday, February 24, 2012

this is my lady.

BFF is here in Utah.

Little does she know this little visit has been heaven sent for us.

We love Emily.

Every day Savannah has been giddy when she wakes up knowing it is one day closer to babysitting Emily's brand new baby boy.  {Yup, you read that right...we get to snoozle a brand new baby while she goes to the temple. I am excited to try my hand in this 3 kid biznass!}

One day Paul randomly said he needed to go buy an outfit for her babe. Let me paint you a picture...Savannah, Devin, and Stirling in matching Easter outfits. Yup, it is as cute as it sounds. Paul did good.

It is nice having Emily as not just our friend, but our family.  Stirling is the nephew I will never have, and I am thrilled to spoil him rotten!  We feel so lucky to have her, and everyone that she has so willingly shared...{her family is a dream!}

People often ask how I do it without is one of my many answers...

PS If I can stand to put the baby down for long enough, I may take some pictures. :)

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