Monday, February 20, 2012

our holiday.

I am going to be honest and I say after the way my morning started out, I didn't have high hopes for it being a good President's Day.

I told a couple of ladies in the neighborhood me and the littles would tag along on a play date this morning. Savannah and Devin decided to fight {yes, they fight EVEN with a large age gap} all freakin' morning, I was losing it...all before Noon! So, I had to skip out on the fun with the ladies.  Savannah was disappointed, because she realizes she is missing out...Devin...well, he got a nap.

BUT just like so many other times, Paul swooped in and saved me and saved my day that was headed South fast. That guy of mine is pretty incredible. He asked me to bring the kids and meet for lunch.  He got there early, ordered the food, and had drinks waiting for us on the table...with food following shortly after. We walked over to the mall, and he bought me some new shoes that don't require me bending over to put them on. He stood in the long line at the cookie shop to buy us all cookies, while I shopped, and spent more of his money. Everyone ended up with a fun bag of goodies to take home, except him.  I tried to make it up to him by letting him take a nap when we got home, while I watched the kids...but I realize that still isn't fair.  I think I will always be trying to catch up to his nice deeds.

Every holiday that comes and goes, I get more excited that I will no longer work retail...that means after having a fun afternoon, I will come home and play some more.  Instead after all was said and done today, I packed my stuff up, and headed to work for the night. Working always has a way of putting a damper on a really good afternoon.

Anyone else brave the crowds today for a really good deal?  I was excited when I scored jackets for the babies at The Gap for $3. :)

Happy Prez Day!


Vanessa Brown said...

that is a good daddy!

Jil ~ said...

What a great guy!! So lucky to have men like him in this world. There's nothing like a new pair of shoes either! So happy your day was saved!

Cathy said...

Sounds like a good day. Your man is a keeper for sure.

Jerilee E. said...

Sounds like a perfectly wonderful holiday :). We missed you, but I would totally take the husband buying me stuff over the dinosaur museum.