Thursday, February 9, 2012

a modge podge of thoughts.

Every day I pick Savannah up from school she is dying of hunger, even with an empty lunch box. I ask her if she eats all of her lunch, and she does. I never remember this as a child, but Paul does. Yet another thing she does that is like her Daddy. She eats an entire meal when she comes home, and still has room for dinner. Maybe I am only slightly jealous that my body doesn't let me eat near the amount of food she does, and be that tiny and cute. That husband of mine gave our kids some good genes.
Paul and I are completely obsessed with shopping for our new baby. On average we have been buying 3 or 4 new outfits a week (most of which include polka dots!). Well, then we remember that we have 2 other kids, and need to spoil them too.  Gosh, I could really get myself in trouble. One day we buy Devin shoes, a shirt, and balloons (his favorite)...and then the next day it is new shoes for Savannah. It never ends, and I am okay with it...excuses to spend money are always fun. Paul will most likely disagree.
I still haven't figured anything out for a play date for next week. Anyone up for a Saturday night movie, instead of a play date?  I mean, we could go to a late night show, after the kids are in bed. Get ourselves the biggest popcorn they sell, and drink way too much soda! I thought we could go to a kid movie, and bring them along during the day...but then it didn't sound nearly as fun as an hour plus of sitting in the quiet of a theater with a bunch of girlfriends.
Could not be more excited that we are one day closer to another weekend. Last weekend we spent the entire Saturday playing, shopping, and eating. Who knew our kids would like Cabela's so much, and it was something FREE. Paul had taken Savannah before, but we hadn't taken Devin. He spent most of the time fearful one of those stuffed creatures was going to come to life, but that fish tank was a slice of heaven for him. It is almost better than the zoo...less walking, no funny smells, and the animals are always visible. :)
I never thought that I would be in need a double stroller. Why does this seem so crazy!?  I asked on Twitter awhile back what everyone thought was the best, smallest double stroller was.  Someone suggested the Kinderwagon. I love the look, it is very small, but it hasn't been in stock since November. Oh, and do I want to spend $300 on something that looks like an umbrella stroller!? I don't want anything that means I don't want a jogging type stroller.  I went to Babies R Us today, and looked at those Sit 'n' was determined that was not the best fit for our active 2 year old.  On the stroll up and down the isle he got out at least 4 times. So give me your suggestions if you have any!!

Okay enough with all the ramblings.



Cathy said...

I'd go to a Saturday night movie if it weren't for the 7:30 meeting I have to go to the next morning. Blah. I was thinking about taking my kids to the Bean Museum tomorrow afternoon to kill some time. I think we'll head to Cabela's instead. Thanks for reminding me!

Heather said...

I dont know if you have them there, but we get one which has a bike on the back of it for toddlers to pedal (which gets them nowhere lol). Maybe a possibility?

The Circus said...

I'd go to a movie! I bet we can take Tiffany (a mutual friend of ours, did you realize that?) :)

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

Andy does the same hungry thing after school. These days he is like a bottomless pit. Even after eating seconds on dinner and a treat, he is still looking for food.

I could definitely use a girls night! :)

Jerilee E. said...

I am always up for a late night movie.
I have one that is always starving when she comes home from school. She could eat all day, though. My oldest hardly eats anything.
Sad that I have never been to Cabelas. I always mean to, just never have.
Love Devin's hair- he's a full on toddler now... how did that happen??

~kamie~ said...

i want that stroller. :)

I am totally up for a movie. :)

Seriously, could the kid get any cuter?

Rants & Raves: The Kaneen Chronicles Vol. II said...

So as for stroller advice. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my double, although it is not cheaper, sadly almost twice the price but my suggestion is the BOB revolution dualie.

I did find mine on eBay, new in the box, for about $150 less plus I didn't have to pay tax. REI does put these on their twice yearly sale though so I am sure they could tell you when it would be on sale.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I think the BOB is an amazing stroller, and would most definitely spend the money on it. My problem is I have no room for a bulky stroller, and because of the size of it....I would definitely not use it that much. I need to be able to keep it in my truck and put groceries.