Friday, October 7, 2011

a special way to end the week.

After a rough week we are ready to chil-lax, and have fun as a family.  We have gone to Tae Kwon Do every. single. day. after school.  It was followed by a quick dinner, homework, and early bed times.  I have never been so excited to see a weekend.

Every Friday is early day at school, and I try to make it a little extra special for the kids.  Obviously Hulk doesn't care, but Van loves something to look forward to.

Van and I sat down together and looked on Pinterest for fun ideas that she really wanted to do.

One day we did the *cornstarch sidewalk paint.  It was a blast, and we were sad when it rained...and washed it all away.  Every day we would go outside Hulk would point and yell at his paintings.
One day we did *finger paintings.  We made lobsters, and pumpkins.  Hulk didn't like this project at all.  Weird.
Today we are doing the "Drive In Movies".  {Make sure you click on this link...oh so fu-reakin' cute!}  Our movie day won't be as intense as hers.  I didn't plan enough in advance.  I bought the candy in the box, like you would get at the theater.  We are set up with soda, popcorn, and of course a good movie.  As for our cardboard box cars...I found an extra long skinny box.  I decorated it while Van was at school so she would be surprised.  We call it our "mini van".  Both kids will fit nicely into it, and we are hoping it will keep Hulk contained during movie.

What fun things do you with your kids to motivate them to make it through the week?

Our next week project is to make our own flubber.  I am sure this will be an adventure.

*There are sooo many different links on Pinterest, I don't know who the original person to do these ideas was.


Kristina P. said...

You are such a cool mom.

Melissa Louise said...

Awww how fun!! I'm jealous of your kids ;)

Vanessa said...

Ok we are totally doing that drive in movie thing, wouldn't the girls love that?!

Mrs. Organic said...

I love Pinterest for this reason. We're going to try the colored shaving cream foam in the bathtub. And of course there are so many recipes to try.

~kamie~ said...

i wanna be like you. the cool mom.

Holly said...

I love it! I'll have to try the cornstarch sidewalk paint. My five year old is sure to have a very messy, but very good time.