Friday, June 17, 2011

our tooth fairy is forgetful.

Van has had one front top tooth hanging by a thread for weeks.  After I totally tricked her last time when I pulled her tooth...she was not letting me get anywhere near this one.  Bummer. 

She called me at work to tell me she had finally been brave enough to yank it out herself.  Yeah Van!

When I got home at 11:00ish I remembered the tooth, and wondered if she had put it under her pillow.  I went into her room, flipped on the light, and woke her up...of course, she was basically laying on the tooth.  I moved the location of the tooth for easy access later.

I was feeling like an ol' pro at this point, since it is the 3rd time the tooth fairy has been to visit.

Paul was out watching a movie, and I discussed getting out a $2 bill to leave from the tooth fairy...and then something happened.  WE BOTH WENT TO BED!

I woke up, and Van was sitting at the end of my bed crying.  I didn't know why at first, and then what she said next broke my heart..."the tooth fairy forgot about me!"

Man oh man how were we gonna recover from this!

Paul quickly said maybe he got busy, and he pulled some money out and gave it to her with a promise he would come the next night FOR SURE.  She took the money, but she was still really upset.

AND THEN...bam...I came up with the greatest lie ever...

Paul would stay upstairs while we did our routine, like always.  We would be in the kitchen eating, and Paul could sneak in to do the dirty work.

I start talking to Van, and trying to make her feel better...and then I spring it on her.  "Oh my gosh Van, did you ever think that he got messed up on our time zone?  Maybe he still thinks it is night here, and is still on his way...thinking you are still asleep?!"

Guess what?  She totally bought it...hook, line, and sinker!

After we got done with breakfast she ran upstairs, and guess what had miraculously shown up?  Her $2 bill from the tooth fairy!
{365 photo challenge...June 16th}
Phew, we really dodged a bullet! =)


Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Good thinking! We've only been lucky enough to have one tooth fall out at our house but it was fun. :)

Emily said...

The tooth fairy ALWAYS forgets in this house. The kids kind of expect it. I just tell them she got super busy and can't always make it to every house every night. ;)

Michelle said...

Jenna's tooth fairy has forgotten many times. We help her find where the $ might have fallen.

Mrs. Organic said...

Yep, we do the old "maybe it fell behind the bed thing."

Greg and Heather said...

We have a really bad tooth fairy that forgets too often. We've tried to do the same "trick" at our house and our boys caught on really fast. We've ruined the fun for our boys. :(

Tiffany said...

The tooth fairy needs an extra day to get ALL the way out here ;), she has gotten caught in snow storms, slept in, and has left about 4, yes FOUR sorry I'm a day (or two) notes along with money for William... Luckily he hasn't caught on....

jakell said...

we have forgotten once too..sure we all do one time or another :) we just had one of us sneek in and hide it someplace, tucked in the pillow case a little, jumbled up in the blankets or where it looks as if it has fallen off the bed and they didn't see it. They area all messy sleepers and move alot so they never thought anything of it to why it was mingled in their sheets or pillowcase. Then we got the toothfairy pillows...ya not so easy to fake that one anymore..unless you tell them the toothfairy must have stuck it under the pillow instead. Either way fun, fun..