Thursday, February 11, 2010

week of love: things I love to say

"Ah snap!"
"ardy"...which is already
"srsly"...which is said in a slang way
"fo sho"
"most def"
"any day now"
"Did you know I'm having a baby?"
"Can you spray something, I just farted!" I say this really loud at work, just to be funny.
"I know, right!?"
"rrrright now!"

What is your favorite lingo?


The Boob Nazi said...

I always say random things in Spanish. Also, seriously is a weakness of mine.

Steph said...

your mom
holy turtles

And those are the only ones suitable for the interwebs... LOL

Brittani L.Hill said...

To many to list-Anyhow I am soooo hungry now after your list of loved foods that I can hardly think !:)
ooxoo Me

Tiffany said...

Seriously is a huge weakness of mine. And I used to say "Wicked" but A hated it A LOT, so I stopped but I miss it a little...

Jerilee E. said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who says 'seriously' every other sentence. I've got seriously, awesome, dude, and ya know. Also I seem to use the number 17. Like "You've asked me that 17 times already..." or "Seriously, I've called you 17 times."

-nick and whitley- said...

hahahaha.. there is one that just gets UNDER the hubs skin.. lol I say "obvi" and he hates it! umm.. he also hates it when I call him dude. lol

Rachel said...

"FOR REALS?" I way overuse SERIOUSLY too, and I am the best at exagerating numbers. Like if something happens 5 times I definitely would say it happened "A MILLION" times.

I'm definitely thinking about stealing the fart one from you though. LOL!

AubreyMo said...

You slay me Von. The fart one reminds me of a perfume bottle my mom bought me last christmas. It smelled so good, we looked on the bottle and there is a funny cartoon that says, "I pooted! Spray this quick!!" on it. We laughed for days.