Friday, November 6, 2009

my randomness.

(random picture taken today...20 week-ish)

Today I have been smiling.
I feel normal, and I feel good.
I was awakened by my growing baby boy inside me kicking.
Some may get annoyed by this.
It has never felt so good, makes me worry a little less.
I laughed about everything that happened yesterday.
Family pictures were rawkin'.
Can't wait to share.
It's Friday. I have a weekend around the corner.
BFF is coming to town. It's been too long. I miss her.
Paul and I are going to start eating healthier...wish us luck.
Going grocery shopping tomorrow to fill the fridge up with "good stuff".
I am starting to put Christmas decor up. Can't wait to have it complete.
I love having Santa visit,
and I think that Santa might need to bring Vin a thing or two this year. =)
Just to clear things up, I have been asked numerous times what Vin's name is.
It is not Vince. ;) It has to do with Vin Deisel. He's hott, right?
What are you doing this weekend?
What random thoughts are going through your head?


Krystal said...

my randomness - excited to go to disneyland for my birthday in 2 weeks; listening to the washing machine and thankful that I was not a pioneer... wondering if my house will ever get decorated in general, let alone for CHRISTMAS... *sniff* I don't even own a TREE! (Not sure where I'd put it, quite frankly). And I am also wondering how much it would cost to buy a research paper online... I am so sick of the one I'm writing right now. But on the bright side, I only have 3 pages left to write... which reminds me, I was totally banning facebook and google reader til I got the paper done, so I better get back to work :) wish me luck.... I am a prisoner of homework this weekend (last homework EVER! Or until I am crazy enough to go back to school yet again!)

PS, I am *so* glad you are starting to feel better and that litte Vin is kickin and playin :)

Kristina P. said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better!

Diego and Sam Jo said...

You chose Schmevin didnt you? I like! Glad you got to feel little Schmevin kickin ya! Happy BFF is in town!

Allred Family said...

Thanks SO MUCH for coming by today....Lucky You Won the 15% off, you have until the end of the year to use it!!!!! I have also been wondering about Vin's Name....i have a gaVIN.....Could that be it?????

Jerilee E. said...

I know what Vin is short for, so there :). Love the picture of you! This weekend I spent too much money, too many places. I saw you for a little bit! Now I am busy getting myself nervous for our primary program tomorrow. That's ridiculous, I know. Can't wait for it to be done!!

Heather said...

I am so happy that you are so happy & content.

Enjoy putting up the Christmas decor-I think for the first time in my entire life we will start next week-I need it!

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Super cute picture! Can't wait to see the family photos.

Who wouldn't want to name their child after Vin Diesel? He is hot. Hot, hawt, HOTT. And, I totally know what Vin is short for. I am awesome. :D

Tiffany said...

CUTEST prego girl ever!! That's YOU! All my randomness is depressing so I won't say what it is, I'm HAPPY you are happy!!

Amber! said...

My random thought: time to get Alora's ears pierced. And we did it!
Can't wait to see pics!!

dust and kam are hoping to adopt! said...

YAY for smiles!

Random thought?

My oven is beeping, time for dinner! :)