Thursday, November 19, 2009

i know, right?

I have to say "Sandra" sure made an uproar last night. Between my phone ringing off the hook, Facebook messages, and made for a busy night for me. I haven't checked my Google Analytics yet, but I'm sure my numbers doubled just from her comment.

I felt like I couldn't let her comment go without a response, and I couldn't go without saying a big thank you to all of my fantastic friends who left me groupie love.

When thinking about how I wanted to respond to the question of "Why do you not talk to your parents?" I wanted to be respectful to my siblings, and I also wanted to not create a source of tension and drama. Just because I don't talk to my parents, doesn't mean I don't talk to my siblings. I also know that my family reads my blog. Including my very cute, very under age nieces that check up on their cousin Van daily.

I chose to not tell the whole story, I didn't expound on every nitty-gritty detail. It was a personal decision, and one that I stand behind still. I don't think that the decision I made is for everyone, I wish that I didn't feel like I had to make it for myself. I never said that I am a perfect Mom, but I do try my best...I think that we all try to do that as parents.

This decision wasn't made over night, and wasn't made because of one situation. This decision wasn't made because of Van, it was made because I needed it for myself. I needed to be me. I needed to spread my wings, and I needed to be free.

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